UnLock Pre-Algebra from UnLock Math: A TOS Crew Review

UnLock Math When I talk to my homeschool mom friends, we almost all agree that math is one of the most intimidating subjects to teach. What is intimidating in elementary school is even a greater challenge in middle and high school! Math has never been the easiest subject for Rose and I’m always excited to try new approaches. Even though mathematics is not her favorite subject, Rose is always ready to try new things and approached UnLock Pre-Algebra from UnLock Math with an open mind, eager to see how this program worked.  

UnLock Math pre-algebra

 I appreciate very much that Rose could work at her own pace. We had already begun to address pre-algebra topics, but they haven’t stuck very well…until now. We are working a bit slowly through the program because that is what is best for her at this season, but she is thoroughly enjoying each lesson! 

 When I asked her what she like about it, she told me that the lesson videos explain things very clearly and concepts she has not yet understood began to become clear. We have found that having someone other than myself or her dad explain a topic feels less intimidating. I don’t really understand the reason behind this, but I’m grateful when I find a quality curriculum that gives her this opportunity. She also likes that the assessments are short and to the point. One thing I like about this program is if she struggled, she could re-watch any video she needed to. We took advantage of this a couple of times. Sometimes because we were interrupted with “life” events which were uncontrollable and it was a good way to review. Other times it was because the assessment revealed she needed the instruction given once more. Both are typical reasons homeschooling families need this option, and it is important to be able to do so easily.  

 While our current curriculum is not computer-based, I have found this to be a perfect fit for my oldest daughter. I’m very pleased with the progress she has made am excited to have her continue using UnLock Pre-Algebra. This is one of the easiest online programs to navigate for both student and teacher. After showing her the initial setup I was able to allow her to work independently without any trouble and check in on her progress at anytime.  UnLock Math While I personally think it is beneficial to complete the unit in order, you also do have the option to skip over lessons which may not be needed. This is a good option if you are using the program to fill missing gaps or for students who are more advance and do not need instruction in certain areas. We will be progressing in order, but I do think this option is beneficial. I have highly recommended this program to several homeschooling friends already who are looking for an online option for higher math levels. I also look forward to giving my girls the opportunity to learn math with this program. UnLock Geometry is the newest of the courses offered and I’m excited to see new courses from this quality company.    Take a look at what my Crewmates had to say!  Pre-Algebra, Algebra and Geometry {UnLock Math Reviews} Crew Disclaimer

Math Mammoth Light Blue Series Level 7: A TOS Review Crew Review

Affordable Quality Math {Math Mammoth }
Whenever homeschool moms get together, it doesn’t take long before the subject of curriculum arises. Without a doubt the most questions surround the subject of math. I personally can’t wait to talk about why we use Math Mammoth and our journey to find it! Rose was excited to have the opportunity to try out Grade 7 from the Light Blue Series which would be considered a complete pre-algebra curriculum.

Affordable Quality Math {Math Mammoth }
Rose was very excited to give pre-algebra try! 
I really like that the teaching is directed towards the students. It is written on the worksheets and anytime she needs to refer to the lesson it is easy enough to for her to find the answers. We teach Rose still directly, but having the information right there is really good. The lessons contain some review and word problems as well so she gets a good foundation. I tend to pace her a bit more slowly than a lesson a day. I do this for two main reasons. The first is she gets overwhelmed if the number of problems is excessive and can then shut down. This is not a good way to start a math lesson! The other reason is I want to make sure the lesson fully settles in before moving on to the next concept.


 If you read our weekly updates you will see that my husband has taken over Rose’s math teaching in the afternoons. He also feels the teaching portions are easy to understand and clearly presented. This again is important for Rose if she needs to look back. Sometimes she has a hard time understanding the more complex concepts, so clear and direct teaching is vital. He also appreciates that it isn’t full of busy work. That was the problem with some of the previous math programs we tried.

If we were to sit down over coffee I would have a full list of why we absolutely love Math Mammoth. Here is the rundown of what I would tell you:
1. Solid teaching
I have yet to find any course that is as good as this one. It thoroughly teaches concepts without busywork. It is also easy to pace. If your student needs to go slower than a lesson a day, you can easily break the lessons up into multiple days. I usually do this with Rose. At the same time, if your student is more advanced, they can easily go at a faster pace, which suits the needs of Beth.
2. Easy to use
Both my husband and I teach math using Math Mammoth. When I was on the search for a new curriculum my husband was a big part of this search. He loves math and at one point thought he would become a math teacher. We are at the point where it is easier for him to teach math than it is for me because he remember the rules where I’m constantly needing to look the rules up while teaching. Especially as we are moving into Pre-Algebra it is important rose has clear instruction. He is the best choice for this and has only good things to say about Math Mammoth.
3. Self-contained instruction
Rose needs one-on-one teaching, but not all kids need that. My other two daughters often read through the teaching material and don’t often need a lot of direction. This may change as they move up, but for now they like that it is written to the student so they can give it a try on their own. I absolutely check in to make sure they understand, but it is nice to know they can work at their own pace if they like.
4. Multiple methods 
 I find this curriculum works well whether you have a tactile, auditory, or visual learner. I have one of each and all three are thriving. I also like that there are multiple strategies taught for the same mathematical concept. Both pencil and paper and mental math strategies are taught. This is nice so your kids can find the method that makes the most sense for each individually.
5. Cost effective
 This is hands-down the most affordable full curriculum available. Just do a little shopping around and you will soon see how reasonably this curriculum is priced. This is a huge benefit if you have multiple children. 
 A couple of years ago I recorded what our schoolroom sounded like during math lessons. All three girls work out loud and are able to function pretty well this way! This happens a little less as Rose is getting older and she usually works with my husband in the afternoons, but this was back when all the girls were working during the day on math. I love hearing their voices as they think out loud!

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 Here is some more information about the curriculum directly from the author.

I highly recommend this program. Make sure to check out more reviews from my Crewmates!
Affordable Quality Math {Math Mammoth Reviews}

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