The Romance Episodes: Adventures in Odyssey

As my daughters are growing it is so important to me to help them learn about love from godly perspectives. The Bible of course is our first resource for this. Modern media is rarely a good source. The writers and producers at Adventures in Odyssey have done a beautiful job of dealing with the topic of romance in a way that I feel edifies my daughters.

Here are some of our favorite romantic episodes.

Crushes and Attraction
Album 19 Passport To Adventure
Album 19: Passport to Adventure
Episode # 5 Truth, Trivia & ‘Trina
Bart Rathbone’s TV trivia contest pits Eugene and Connie against a college student named Katrina Shanks, who seems to have captured Eugene’s heart.

Album 36 Danger Signals Novacom Saga 2
Album 36: Danger Signals
Episode # 2 Green Eyes & Yellow Tulips
Connie falls for a Novacom employee named Robert Mitchell. Bart Rathbone protests that Novacom’s programming is immoral.

Album Cover For The Sky's the Limit
Album 49: The Sky’s The Limit

Episode # 6 Wooing Wooton
Wooton Bassett’s father comes to town to get his son’s help on a business deal. Meanwhile, Grady must make a decision that could cost his mom her job.

Dating and Courtship
Album 29 Signed Sealed And Committed
Album 29: Signed, Sealed, & Committed
Episode # 1-3 For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll, Parts 1-3
Someone is getting married in Odyssey … but who? Is it John Whittaker and Margaret Faye, Eugene Meltsner and Katrina Shanks, or Jack Allen and Joanne Woodston?

Album 48 Moment Of Truth
Album 48: Moment of Truth

Episode # 3 Prequels of Love
From chicken costumes to phone scams, we hear the stories of how Bart Rathbone, Whit, and Bernard Walton met, or proposed to, their wives.

Album Cover For The Best Small Town
Album 50: The Best Small Town
Episode # 8-9 The Triangled Web, Parts 1-2
Lucy Cunningham-Schultz becomes the center of attention when Jimmy Barclay, Curt Stevens, and Jack Davis return to Odyssey for a reunion–each young man determined to win her heart at last.

Breaking Up
Album 08 Beyond Expectations
Album 8: Beyond Expectations
Episode # 4 First Love
Connie falls in love for the first time with a guy named Jeff Lewis, who turns out to be a non-Christian.

Album 24 Risks And Rewards
Album 24: Risks and Rewards

Episode # 12 The Turning Point
Eugene and Katrina’s relationship takes a surprising turn after Eugene meets Katrina’s father, Armitage Shanks.

Album 27 The Search For Whit
Album 27: The Search for Whit
Episode # 8 A Question About Tasha
Jason Whittaker and Tasha Forbes announce that they’re getting married . . . tomorrow!

Album 36 Danger Signals Novacom Saga 2
Album 36: Danger Signals
Episode # 3-4 The Triangle, Parts 1-2 
Jack Allen and Whit tell Connie the story of how Whit met his wife in college.

Album 41 In Hot Pursuit
Album 41: In Hot Pursuit
Episode # 10-11  Something Blue, Parts 1 and 2
When Connie gets the news that Mitch might leave for Europe in a few days, the two of them decide to get married immediately.

A few of the previous episodes also include weddings!

Album Cover For Eugene Returns!
Album 44: Eugene Returns
Episode # 11-12 For Better or for Worse, Parts 1-2
Eugene and Katrina finally plan to have a proper wedding. But the two wedding coordinators (Connie and Porcelain Shanks) engage in an epic battle of decision making.

Album 61 Without A Hitch
Album 61: Without A Hitch
Episode # 5-6 A Very Bassett Wedding, Parts 1-2
The Bassett and Wise families have arrived in town for Wooton and Penny’s big day, but a damaged dress, stomach pains, and an investigation into a missing ring mean that the couple’s walk to the altar will be anything but simple. 

Album 67 More Than Meets The Eye
Album 67: More than Meets the Eye
Episode # 6-7 Nightmares by Constance, Parts 1-2
Two days before a “Dreams by Constance” wedding, the grandmother of the bride approaches Connie with a proposal: she’ll pay her double if she breaks up the ceremony.

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A Noble Guardian: A Net Galley Review


Quality, clean historical fiction is my favorite genre. I don’t mind a little mystery as long as it isn’t too intense. Neither some romance, as long as it remains clean. A Noble Guardian by Michelle Griep filled these requirements well! 

This is the third title in The Bow Street Runner Trilogy. I have not read the first two titles, but this story stands alone and it is not necessary to have done so. I love that it is a pretty lengthy book! I love reading long books where there is plenty of time for character development. 

This particular title was peril-filled! Lots of action and adventure follow the heroine and hero along the way. I did have some trouble getting a good feeling for the setting, but I think this may have had to do with the nature of travel in the book. The heroine is traveling to meet her fiance and in the process the hero must accompany her for safety reasons after she is attacked. I do think if I had read the previous novels the setting would have been a little easier to grasp. 

I did like the heroine of this story. She is plucky, but also naive in many ways. At times I felt her reactions didn’t match other parts of her expressed character, but then I remember none of us is able to be exactly predictable in our natures. 

Like most romance stories there is a lot of will-they/won’t-they play back and forth. I appreciated that it was handled well and with tact. The more “romantic” descriptions were very tasteful, but were still a little deeper than I would have my daughters read until they are older, maybe college age. They aren’t interested in romance yet anyway, but I do keep that in mind as I am reading. 

I was pleased with the closure. There was miscommunication and misunderstanding, not all the fault of the characters, but it was cleared up eventually and everything tied up nicely. I do not like cliff hangers or unresolved endings and I was quite satisfied with how things tied up with both of the main characters as well as the young child who plays a significant role in their story. 

I would highly recommend this title, but I think going back and reading the first two in the series might be beneficial to getting the most enjoyment out of this one. 

Disclaimer: I was given this title through Net Galley in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own.

The Captain’s Daughter: A Net Galley Review


New books and new authors are like a treasure to me! I always have authors I love, but finding a new one to admire and enjoy is always a treat! The Captain’s Daughter, by Jennifer Delamere, is definitely one of those treats!

Image result for the captain's daughter jennifer delamere

I’m always a fan of historical fiction and especially of the time period of this novel, the Victorian Era. I was also intrigued by the premise of following one of the residents from George Muller’s orphanage. This was a new spin on this particular setting and I couldn’t wait to settle into the title!

I loved that this particular series would follow a set of three sisters who depart from the orphanage. Being a mother of three girls myself I found it fun to see their various personalities. This first title focuses on the oldest of the three sisters, Rosalyn. 

I found the characters in this story to be intriguing and compelling. I appreciated the personal journey Rosalyn moves through and how she grows as a person. This historical atmosphere and background including George Muller was a wonderful bonus! 

The hero of the novel, Nate, is another enjoyable character. The author effortlessly flows between the two character’s perspectives in a lovely example of 3rd person limited as is used in modern literature. He is a young officer who has earned the respect of his commanders. I appreciate the he was never presented as perfect, but definitely as honorable. 

If you enjoy historical fiction and a good, clean romantic historical story, this is a good one for you! 
Disclaimer: I was given this title through Net Galley in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own.