Field Trip: The Seashore

No matter what we do when we go away we strive to give our girls opportunities to experience as much fun as possible!

We were blessed with extremely mild weather while visiting Hilton Head, South Carolina. I had already warned my girls that we could walk on the beach and see the ocean, but it was probably going to be too cold to do anything else. I am happy to be wrong! While my husband was in one of his meetings I took the girls and we bought sand pails and shovels…and a few other things!

Rose, Beth, and Grace desperately wanted to get in the water, but it was way too cold. I did allow them to dip their toes in (thinking in my motherly wisdom that the iciness would cure her curiosity), but unfortunately that just tempted my girls more!

My favorite moment was when Rose told her sisters they needed to back up from the waterline because the tide was going to be coming in soon. She explained that she had been watching the water and it would soon wash away their efforts. She also created a model of what the ocean floor looked like with seashells and water on top and explained to her sisters how the water as clear, not blue, like it appears. What a blessing to hear her teaching her sisters things she learned earlier this year as we studied the seashore. 

They also chased some gulls…

And I had the chance to read…

We want our girls to recognize God’s hand in their moments, enjoy life, see everything as a learning opportunity, and grow to become friends as well as sisters. The beach provided opportunity for all of those.