Week in Review July 3-7

We have joyed another week of vacation, this time in Florida with my in-laws and sister-in-law and her kids. We love spending time with them and this was a nice ending to our time away from home.
My 3 with 5 of their 7 cousins on the 4th of July
The most significant thing about this week was just how relaxed we all have been. It made my husband and I realize that while we have a very solid relationship, we need to be more intentional about relaxing together. I don’t mean in the same room doing different things, but choosing to be together in our down-time both physically and emotionally. We don’t have a 5-step plan or anything like that, but it is just a choice we are making. We do a really good job of finding relaxing things to do alone. He loves to golf. I love to scrapbook and read. Yet we have neglected the joys of down-time together. So that is our new goal for us.
This ends about 6 weeks of almost non-stop activity and travel for our little family. Next week brings reality, where we are busy and happy, but it should include a much calmer pace. I hope to squeeze in a couple of day trips this month and next, but I’m really looking forward to some more low-key moments. 

2 Weeks in Review: May 12-23

Two weeks is better than four, right? This time I had a little better reason…we were on vacation! We left after church on Mother’s Day for Florida and had a wonderful time on vacation. Here are some of our highlights…including an awesome field trip!

Disney!!!! No, this is not the field trip I mentioned, although it was awesome. We saved up for a one-day trip to the Magic Kingdom. The girls had a great time and had amazing attitudes considering our crazy our day was. We arrived before the park opened and left just 30 minutes before it closed. We managed only one melt-down which occurred just a little while before we left and didn’t last long at all. They were patient and kind with one another and thanked us frequently throughout the day for bringing them. All of the stuff we did was fun, but for me the best part was having everyone get along so well!

Then we headed further south to my husband’s parent’s house. The girls had a great time in their pool.

It is a tradition to always get Dairy Queen when we visit with Grampy! It is his favorite. This is the first of two different DQ visits.

Here is our field trip to Gumbo Limbo Nature Center. It was sooooo much fun! Make sure to follow the link to see more pictures from this visit.

There was a lot of playing and just plain fun! I spent a lot of time reading and working on my scrapbooks. No pictures of that to show though!

We’re back home now and life is settling back down. Next week will be another week off from regular lessons as we work through standardized testing. I’ve got some field trip plans in the works for the summer and hopefully some of those will pan out soon.