Weekly Update: July 16-20

This was our 2nd week with Bigger at half speed and 1st week with Little Hearts at full speed. The only hitch was my 2 1/2 year-old daughter complaining about not having work. We’re starting Little Hands to Heaven next week for her 🙂

Bigger Hearts for His Glory – Unit 1 (Part 2)
Rose is in Bigger Hearts for His Glory and she LOVED the science notebooking and experiments. She also is doing quite well at narration after only 2 weeks. She will turn 7 in 2 weeks and since narration is new to me I wasn’t sure what to expect. She is doing lovely!

Little Hearts for His Glory – Unit 1
Beth, in Little Hearts for His Glory, is quite taken with the continents song! She taught it to her little sister and they went around singing it all week. I incorporated a map and pointed to the continents. She now knows them very well! She also loved memorizing the Bible verse and quoted it ALL DAY LONG to anyone who would listen…even strangers at the store!

It was a fabulous week and I’m glad things are starting out well. I know we’ll have some not as exciting days and weeks along the way so it will be nice to remember how well we started!

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