Weekly Update: July 23-27

Our third week of school went really well! I’m now running three separate guides, but lots of planning ahead has made this week run so smooth! If you are interested in seeing our schedule you can check it out here.

Little Hands to Heaven – Unit 1
Grace has been begging me to, “do lessons,” since last January. I had lots of manipulative activities for her, but it just wasn’t enough in her mind! So we decided to begin Little Hands to Heaven with her this year. We also added in Rod and Staff workbooks called About 3. She was so excited to begin her own work this week! She acted so very grown up.

Little Hearts for His Glory – Unit 2
We moved on to unit 2 in Little Hearts for His Glory with Beth. She was a little disappointed that we weren’t going to sing the continents song, but still enjoyed our rhyme called All Because of Sin. Her favorite parts of the day are math and reading. She has fallen in love with the Dick and Jane book her great-grandmother gave her.

Bigger Hearts for His Glory – Unit 2 (Week 1)
Since we have decided to use this guide at half speed we are on a history week. Rose is really getting into her notebooking activities. I wasn’t sure if she would enjoy it, but she likes anything she can draw. She’s also once again creating a timeline she will add to weekly.

One new piece of curriculum we have added is a weekly writing assignment. She is learning how to build a paragraph and types it on Fridays. She is enjoying this and is especially enjoying being able to type on the computer!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Update: July 23-27”

  1. You know me 🙂 I'm all about schedule and organization. I can tell you that all the prep I put in to make things scheduled and organized is SO worth it! We are typically done within 3 hours total for all three girls. It leaves us for more time for fun!


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