Child Training Bible: Review and Giveaway!

Who could use a fabulous resource for teaching your children Spiritual truth in an instant? When I first read about the Child Training Bible on facebook I was intrigued. I sent my husband a quick e-mail with the link to website assuming we would talk about it when he got home. Within 10 minutes he responded with a note telling me he had already ordered the kit and we could go look for a Bible the first chance we had!

The Child Training Bible is an inexpensive way to put the Word of God at the fingertips of you and your children. In an instant you can address such issues as pride, anger, or lying straight from the Word of God. We all know the principles Scripture has laid out, but how many of us can flip to the correct verse the first time, every time, we need to address an issue with our children?

Not only is this an excellent resource for you as a parent, this gives your children an opportunity to find appropriate Scripture to address issues they know they are dealing with. Young children cannot handle a concordance very well, but the color coded system presented here makes the Bible so easy for a young reader to use on their own!

This is what you receive when you order a child training Bible in addition to instructions for how to make one. The laminated pages are 9 x 6 so you’ll want to measure the inside cover of the Bible you choose. The first page will be taped or glued into the front cover. Double sided tape worked beautifully! The last three pages are tucked inside for reference when needed.

The other materials you will need are highlighters in each color shown, post-it flags in each color shown, and double sided tape. There are multiple verses for each topic, hence the highlighters and tabs! The directions guide you through the process of highlighting and tabbing.

We chose to use the New King James Version Bible because this is the version the kids memorize Scripture out of for Awana. I spent about a total of two hours over the course of a week working on this in the evenings. The girls anxiously waited to see what I was making! They asked a lot of questions and enjoyed flipping through the tabs.

I learned a couple of important things in putting our Bible together. We bought a Bible with Jesus’ words in red letters. Now this is not a major problem until you get to the portions highlighted in red. This only affects a handful of verses, but in hindsight an all black letter Bible might have been a better choice. I have heard some people use crayons or colored pencils and find this works fine on the red lettering. Also, the highlighters can tend to bleed through the page so I learned to keep a tissue handy to “blot” the ink as soon as you highlight.

The small investment made in this project has already been returned in full from the responses in my children. Being a pastor’s family they have been trained in these truths from early on, but seeing it written in the Bible means more to them, just as it should.

This is my first ever giveaway! Don’t forget to sign up below and there are several ways to earn entries! I wish you call could win! If you don’t head over to their website and pick one up!

(Here is our completed Bible. Three girls meant a nice girly purple/pink Bible. They love it!)

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