Weekly Update: July 30 – August 3

Little Hands to Heaven – Unit 2
Grace thoroughly enjoyed the Finger Play and poem this week. That will probably be her favorite part all year! I’ve started having her draw pictures while we listen to the song and she made a beautiful rainbow picture too!

Little Hearts for His Glory – Unit 3
My sweet Beth was camera shy this week, so no pictures! She did have a great time with this unit, although she was disappointed there wasn’t more reading from her history book! She giggled at me when we “Praised Him when you stand up, and when you’re sitting down” because she thought I looked funny getting up and down. I guess I’m getting old!

She is FLYING through her math workbook even with the manipulatives and activities. I’m not slowing her down, just enjoying how much she is enjoying math! She also has latched on to an old Dick and Jane 1st grade reader she can’t seem to get enough of! It was given to us by her great-grandmother so it is very special and she thinks it’s the best book ever right now!

Bigger Hearts for His Glory – Unit 2 (Week 2)

It made Rose so happy to do science this week! I’m going to admit I was a bit of a slacker last year in Beyond. She attends a two-day-a-week class that focuses on humanities and science so I just let it slide. Alternating science and history this year makes it much easier! She was so excited that both of her experiment predictions were correct!

She is quite the artist and does very good at the drawing in her notebook. The only problem is when she gets frustrated that it isn’t perfect like in the book. This is a constant battle with us so we’re working through it together!

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