Rod and Staff Tot School: About Three

So imagine you have an adorable almost three-year-old who is watching her big sisters work hard at school every day. This little sweetie is begging you, “I want to do lessons too Mommy!” in such a darling voice you can’t bear to deny her! So you do what any good homeschooling Mommy of a pre-preschooler would do…you let her learn!

This looks different for everyone. I had already made busy bag ideas like these for our previous year. They worked well for a while, but they just didn’t hold her attention anymore. I was planning to make some more bags with a few harder skills when she brought me a paper she had been working on. It was an early letter tracing worksheet and she had traced all of the letters. My kids continue to amaze me with their abilities which I have never taught! This set me on a quest to search out something which would be easy enough for her to complete, but challenge her enough not to bore her!

I searched several places and settled upon Heart of Dakota’s Little Hands to Heaven (check here for my review!) and Rod and Staff’s 3/4 preschool curriculum, About 3.

The Rod and Staff curriculum includes four books which are just right for her because she already is able to hold her pencil well and have some control. They are also very inexpensive. The drawings are simple. I appreciate they are not so flashy as to distract her from the task she is completing.

The books are completed A-D with very gradual skill progression. I appreciate that teach a skill by example in very small steps. So far she has loved these books and becomes frustrated when I tell her she is finished for the day in the books! I have started allowing her to color the beautiful pictures which has helped this some.

I highly recommend this company’s materials. I have read some reviews which cut down their materials for being too old fashioned. I happen to think this is a nice side-benefit. We will talk about farming, sewing, cooking, and other more traditional skills which are often forgotten. All of the curriculum from Rod and Staff is also very Christ-centered. I appreciate that what we are teaching them about the Bible is reinforced through all aspects of their curriculum.

You can check out these books and more from Rod and Staff publishing here. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

1 thought on “Rod and Staff Tot School: About Three”

  1. I also love Rod & Staff's pre-school workbooks. I'm about to order them for my third daughter. I used them with the older two.


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