Christmas in Review

Christmas was…memorable. I wrote previously about God changing my plans. Little did I know there would be a much bigger change of plans just a few days after I wrote that! After being sick for several days I was diagnosed and medicated, but after about 5 days on the new medication it became apparent something more was going on. I ended up in the emergency room the Friday before Christmas.

On Saturday before Christmas…the day I had planned to bake, wrap presents, and pack for our vacation…I had a three-hour surgery. Not what I would have chosen…yet…God is good. The doctors removed a benign tumor which they think has been growing for 3-4 years. My parents, who live close by, were able to keep my sweet girls for the week and my husband has coddled and nursed me back to health.

It has been an exercise of faith for me. I feel I am very grounded in Scripture and know in my head the promises God has given us, but experiencing them first-hand this Christmas has brought me closer to my Savior. His grace has surrounded my family in ways I’ve never experienced before.

Even though I couldn’t be with my girls on Christmas Eve, their grandparents kept alive our tradition of cookies out for Santa.

They also continued our tradition of retelling the Christmas story before opening presents. Both traditions have occurred every year, and having my parents be so thoughtful to keep things as normal as possible for my girls was such a blessing to me.

The hospital staff were so kind and excited about having my girls come see me on Christmas day! They spent time talking to them and letting them know Mommy was going to be just fine.

Thanks to technology, we all got to chat with my in-laws via Skype on Christmas day!

Our church family, my piano families, and my MOPs family have provided so much food, including the mild diet I’ve been on. It just keeps coming! The have ministered to us sacrificially and have taken time from their holiday celebrations to come and visit with us as well.

These are not Christmas memories I would have chosen to have, but they have been some of the best. God’s faithfulness and grace to our family has overwhelmed me.

We started school back today…modified anyway. I’m still limited in what I can do so I sit on the couch with the girls at my feet working on math, handwriting, and literature. They have had their lives disrupted quite a bit the last few weeks, but they have been so sweet and helpful.

This year I experienced Emmanuel as I never have before.


God with us…
God with me.

4 thoughts on “Christmas in Review”

  1. Oh my goodness…I had no idea! I'm so thankful you are doing well, and that in it all, you are praising the Lord! Yes, His plans are never ours.Christmas of 1989, I had my appendix out on Christmas Day! I was stuck in there for 5 days!!! God bless you, and take it easy. We are easing back into school too. 🙂


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