Weekly Review: January 2-4

School started again for us this week. I hadn’t anticipated beginning again because we were supposed to still be on vacation, but our plans were changed this Christmas. Since our trip has been postponed and the girls were starting to get a little antsy due to our disrupted holiday, I decided starting school modified would be a good idea.

I’m still restricted because of my surgery so we opted to school in the living room this week rather than the school room. The girls couldn’t believe I let them work on the floor! I know for many of you this is normal, but unless we are doing an activity school has always happened at a table. School on the floor was an unfamiliar idea!
Bigger Hearts for His Glory: Bare Bones
We are waiting to start back with history until things are back to normal. For now Rose is working on handwriting, math, grammar, and literature. She was very excited to finish her first cursive handwriting book this week and will continue with her new book next week! She also started reading a Richard Peck novel called Secrets at Sea, a Christmas gift from her great grandparents and has really enjoyed that. 

Little Hearts for His Glory: Bare Bones
Beth has been working on math, handwriting, reading, Thinking Skills, and the H Rod and Staff workbook. She continues to do really well with both math and reading. The only struggle were having is with self-control. When she can’t do something write she immediately scribbles all over the page or rips it. I remember her older sister going through the same thing at this age, but she would just refuse to work or start crying. It’s a phase we’ll get through just like everything else!
Little Hands to Heaven: Bare Bones
Grace has had the hardest time adjusting to my unexpected stay in the hospital. We’ve been reading lots of books, coloring, and cuddling a whole bunch! Grace’s grandparents bought her a Hotch Potch doll from Colonial Williamsburg for Christmas. This is a replica of an old fashioned doll used to help children learn their letters. You can bend the doll to form letters as seen on a set of cards. She really liked this doll and it’s been fun for me to make the letter shapes and have her guess them!

We’ll be doing school like this for a few weeks while I am recuperating. I hope to add in a few more things next week like spelling. Besides school we’ve also been having fun with art and playing games! The girls enjoyed drawing with their new chalk on black construction paper. It was raining and they wanted so badly to use it. This was a great alternative! 

We’ve also have a couple of slumber parties in the school room! There is nothing sweeter to me than my girls bonding as friends and sisters! 
Have a great weekend!

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