Week in Review: September 23-27

Another week has come and gone. We read, we calculated, we learned. Maybe this should be our mantra!

Little Hands to Heaven: Sigh…

That’s all I’ve got: a sigh. Grace is almost four and she’s been testing me in a lot of areas. It isn’t that she doesn’t want to do school, there were just other things which needed attention this week! We didn’t really go through a terrible twos or threes. She of course tested us, but not to the extent her older sisters did at that age. This week there was a lot of time spent seeing if Mommy and Daddy really mean what they say.

She’s spent a long time at the kitchen table after refusing to eat the very thing she asked for breakfast just minutes before and time in her room for being sassy with her responses to me. She’s told me she’s mad at me for making her lay down for her nap and yelled at her sisters for not doing what she told them to do. It’s tough being almost-four! Although at the moment I think it is tougher being the mommy of this almost-four-year-old!

We did manage to get a few reading lessons in and she enjoyed some more time on the computer using Reading Kingdom and a handful of other learning games. I’m hoping this week will go better since Friday she seemed to be quite cooperative.

Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory: Unit 6

I think I am enjoying Beyond Little Hearts as much as Beth! This is my second time going through the guide, but the first time was with Rose during our first year of homeschooling. I had a hard time enjoying and appreciating it then because I felt such pressure. I’m really having fun with all the history readings and activities.

She did a “scrubbing day” just like the ladies in Holland did and she really enjoyed it. She scrubbed our stove completely and now it is shining!

The poem we studied was about the months of the year. She really enjoyed putting the poem in the correct order and showing off her knowledge of the months!

She is really enjoying her timeline now! At first she was so nervous about being able to do it correctly, but now she just goes right ahead. I usually write it out for her on another piece of paper so she can see just how to space it and to give her a sample of the picture.

For grammar this week we looked at question words. She was supposed to draw a question word from the pile and ask a question starting with the word about what I had hidden in a bag so she could figure it out. 
She picked “what”. 
Her question?
“What is in the bag?” 
Well played little girl. Well played.

Preparing Hearts for His Glory: Unit 3 (2nd half)
Rose finished up the second half of unit 3 in Preparing this week and begged me to start going full-speed because she just couldn’t handle not reading more for history! I explained part of the reason we were still going half-speed was because it was taking her so very long to do her work each day and honestly to even get started! We’re doing at least one more 1/2 speed unit and we’ll see how it goes.

Math is finally going really well. I found a wonderfully large pdf collection of math fact pages for her so she doesn’t have to copy the problems while she’s learning the facts. While addition facts seemed to take forever, this is going much better! I’m not sure the difference, but at the moment she is flying through her times tables! Click on the picture to the left to see the website. I happened to stumble upon it one day and I’m so very glad I did!

This is the newest book we’re reviewing for the TOS Review Crew. I seriously can’t tear her away from this! She loves this novel and has been taking it with her everywhere she goes. She very much takes after her mother and both of her grandmothers. I am just thrilled to watch her world open up as she continues to devour great literature!

Rose once detested spelling. She now loves it and actually asks to do spelling. We follow the HOD suggestion for dictation twice a week and do a unit from All About Spelling twice a week. I really believe both methods have improved her spelling and am grateful for the change in her attitude this year. She doesn’t always get everything right the first time, but she now has the skills to make corrections without me just having to tell her how it is spelled. She has also started proofreading her own writing better and checking herself for mistakes. Yay! 

We are studying a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson during each unit this year. She is supposed to share the poem in a special way so she rewrote Rain using the quill pen she got from Williamsburg. She’s getting pretty good at it although she does have to make lots of cross-throughs and corrections! 

I’m hosting another wonderful giveaway from Applewood Books through this coming Friday. Make sure you take a minute to enter by click on the link! The choice for the winner is going to be difficult. We loved all four books so much!

We had the chance to have two field trips in one at the end of this week! Take some time to read my review of the Children’s Museum of Alamance County…

7 thoughts on “Week in Review: September 23-27”

  1. I'm really curious about AAS. I've looked at it so many times, but I haven't purchased it (yet?). Did you start at Level 1 with your daughter? My daughter is 7.5 and we are 3/4 of the way through Bigger Hearts. She's a decent speller, but I feel like she isn't as strong of a speller as she could be. Perhaps learning some of the rules will help her…?


  2. I feel it has made a big difference for my daughter. They are not done by grade level and you'll really want to start at level 1 because there are many concepts covered in that first book which are built upon in later books. The thing to keep in mind is you don't have to drag it out. We did 1 lesson a day covering 3-4 lessons each week when she first started. I think we were around lesson 20 before I slowed down to 2 lessons a week and now we're at 1 lesson each week. If she gets the concept you don't have to do every single word given. I did half and if she was doing fine we moved on. The logical way AAS is done just make sense. I have learned so very much myself from the curriculum!


  3. A fun week!! {{hugs}} on the woes with the 4 year old. Mine has thankfully been really good with school stuff, but I can relate to some of the other areas you mention. We are having to really be consistent with discipline also.We are loving Little Hands and Beyond and I agree that I enjoy it just as much as the children do!


  4. Probably 15-20 minutes a day. It may take more like 20-25 minutes in the beginning if you do all of a lesson in one day like I mentioned. Definitely 15-20 once we hit the spot where we needed to slow down. I'd imagine most of book one would go by pretty quickly for you and you'd probably slow down about where we did. A lot of it is stuff my daughter knew intuitively, but had never really learned the rule.


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