Field Trip: Mrs. Kate Carpenter Concert!

(All music title links will send you to hear the full song on Mrs. Kate’s website!)

A field trip on a Sunday? Not usually, but I just had to write about Mrs. Kate Carpenter’s concert we just came home from. She is a a very dear friend of ours and we were so excited when she called to say she was coming on tour our way all the way from Florida! We’ve been Mrs. Kate fans for a long time and Rose even named her first baby doll Baby Kate after her! 

Mrs. Kate is a pastor’s wife from Florida and sings inspiration and motivational songs for kids and adults. She is passionate about sharing Christ with the world and uses her music to inspire. She also frequently performs in schools for anti-bullying and anti-drug programs. Her lively folk tunes get everyone moving and her concerts are full of audience participation much to the joy of the children!
Beth got to be one of the first helpers and used her baton to march along with S-M-I-L-E. This is huge. I just can’t tell you how huge! Beth loves to sing and has a beautiful voice, but I have not been able to get her up in front of anyone for something like this, even when the kids sing! She has had once of the worst cases I’ve seen of stage fright, but this time she actually volunteered to participate and had a blast doing so. 
Rose helped out with Lord This is Your Day and Habit the Rabit Loves Manners. She wanted to do every song! She also used to have stage fright, but thankfully this has passed for the most part. She has grown up with Mrs. Kate and just loved the chance to see her in person. Mrs. Kate also spent some time in our home this afternoon. It was like hosting a celebrity. 
Little Grace didn’t want any part of being on stage…until the very end! She sang Down Under…sort of. You can see her there in the green pants. She seemed much more nervous than I expected, but she was excited to hang out on stage with Brooke, Mrs. Kate’s assistant. She loved her and enjoyed playing with her all afternoon. 
Mrs Kate is a celebrity in our house and the afternoon as been one filled with giggles and glee. Her assistant, Brooke, spent all afternoon playing with the girls and spending lots of time with them. Take some time to check out Mrs. Kate’s music and like her facebook page. She is a simply fabulous musician, but her character and passion for Jesus are greater still. I am privileged to call her my friend. If you ever have a chance to go see her in concert, don’t miss out! 

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