Diary of a Real Payne Book 1: True Story from Barbour Publishing: Review

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All of my girls are avid readers. They come by it genetically probably. Just like their mother, they’ll read anything they can get their hands on even if it is just a cereal box. Although they read anything and everything, they are very honest about their opinions about what we read. If they don’t like something, I know it immediately. I knew we had a winner in Diary of a Real Payne Book 1: True Story  almost immediately! 
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Annie Tipton has written a truly engaging story with a Christian world-view brought to us by Barbour Publishing. Diary of  Real Payne Book 1: True Story ($5.99) follows precocious EJ, a 4th grader, who keeps a detailed diary of her life. Geared towards children ages 8-12, this is a delightful story sure to engage readers both younger and older. 
Rose just turned  8 and absolutely loved every word. We read this for the humor genre in our literature studies although it could also fit for realistic fiction. I asked her to read a chapter a day…and she begged to read more. She would hide under the table and read ahead, as if I would have banned her from reading or something! 
She read long after lessons had ended for the day and would bring it with her in the car. The first thing she asked at the start of school each day was, “Can I please do my literature first?” Seeing my girl so excited about reading always makes me happy. I’m very much the same in that when I find a book I love I can’t put it down. To make this even better, the Christian worldview presented in each chapter left me feeling confident this was a book I wanted her to read. There are many engaging works out their for girls her age, but I know few will leave her with a God-honoring mindset. 

Rose completes a book report poster for each genre we complete. It was fun to discuss the different literary aspects of this novel. My favorite part was the blend of 1st person perspective alongside 3rd person narrative. Each chapter opens with a diary entry from EJ and closes with a narrative portion. This unique blending of both points of view provides a lively story-telling medium which keeps the story fun and full of laughter. 
The best part? Book 2 is coming out soon! You better believe it is already on my daughter’s wish-list. 
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4 thoughts on “Diary of a Real Payne Book 1: True Story from Barbour Publishing: Review”

  1. Love the updates! I was also wondering how I, too can get the book report form that your lovely daughter Rose is using…it looks awesome.PS I just ordered that book for my 8 yr old daughter 🙂


  2. I tried to post a response to this when you first posted, but for some reason I couldn't get it to work and then I forgot! This came from Scholastic. It is meant to be a 10×14 poster, but it works fine as 8 1/2 x 11 as long as they can write small. Here is the link: http://teacherexpress.scholastic.com/instant-personal-poster-sets-my-magnificent-book-report I purchased mine during a dollar deal they had. (I'm not an affiliate with them and do not receive any compensation!)


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