2014 Art Show

My girls attend classes at a local learning center for homeschoolers where I also teach junior high literature. It is different from a co-op in that it is run more like a private school along with a board, director, hired teachers and tuition. It is a blessing and a beautiful thing for my girls to be in a nurturing environment once or twice a week outside our regular homeschooling.

Each year the girls will have artwork as part of the art show. Here are some of their submissions…

Rose has mosaic art featuring gears, one of many simple machines she studied this year!

Rose also wrote a sweet poem about a bee and made a nice illustration as well.

Here is Beth’s version of Sunflowers by van Gogh. So beautiful!

Beth also had a collaborative story telling project which she then illustrated with Aboriginal art. She loved this project and has talked about it almost constantly since working on it!

Grace is too little to participate in the classes offered, but she wanted her picture taken by some artwork like her sisters. These masks were some of her favorites!

This manatee was another collaborative piece done by Beth’s entire class. She said it was neat to work on it together.

This is also something very cool. An amazingly talented group of 7th and 8th graders created a radio drama for their contribution to the art show for their literature class. They also wrote some pretty hilarious commercials as well. Click here or on the picture to listen to the full drama. 
(pssst….These are all my students!!!!!!! Aren’t they amazing?!?!)

Rose also just had a poem accepted for publication in a Creative Communications poetry contest! This is her second piece accepted which is really cool. Anyone can enter and homeschoolers are welcomed into the competition. I recently had an article published with this group because one of my 7th and 8th grade literature students was a finalist and won a prize in the essay contest! You can click here to read the article. 

If anyone tells you homeschoolers don’t have the same opportunities as traditional schoolers, don’t listen to them. You  may have to make an effort to provide those opportunities, but they are out there! If anything, the opportunities are more open because time is not a limitation. I love opening the world wide for my girls to explore and experience the creativity God has blessed them with!

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