4 Weeks in Review: April 14-May 9

Trying to catch up on my weeks in review, but seriously…4 weeks? Oops! The end of April and first week of May are always beyond chaotic in our lives. I am wrapping up my literature class at Deerstream Leaning Center as well as gearing up for my piano recital. I manage to squeeze homeschooling in, but just barely and for all my good intentions something has to give. This year clearly it was my blogging!

So here is a bit of our life from the last 4 weeks…seriously, has it really been 4 weeks???? Oy, I need to get back on track!

Preschool: Patiently Waiting to Begin Little Hearts for His Glory

Okay, so patiently may be the wrong word at this point. Grace is seriously chomping at the bit to “do history” and “have activities” like her big sisters! I can’t complain though. Having daughters with insatiable curiosities is a blessing for homeschooling and thankfully Heart of Dakota only increases their hunger for learning, never satisfying it! Sometimes the constant why-factor can become a bit tedious, but I take a moment to breathe and thank the Lord I have girls who want to know more about the world around them!

Since we finished up Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons we moved into the Abeka Kindergarten readers. I have these already because of my daughters one year in Kindergarten at private school. I’ve found these to be an incredible follow up to Teach Your Child.

So far it hasn’t felt redundant for her and we’re zipping through the books rather quickly at one or two a week. Following these we’ll move into the 1st grade readers and All About Spelling.

I love this picture! It captures my sweet little Grace so well. She craves to learn, begs to learn, but she’s every inch a preschooler holding lambie and blankie close while she’s learning. The really cool thing about homeschooling for me is that I can let my Grace move ahead academically at whatever pace she’s comfortable, but allow her to stay where she is emotionally, psychologically, and developmentally. I want to make certain as Grace is excelling beyond her age in academic expectations that I don’t push her too quickly ahead through childhood, if that means a few extra friends join us then so be it.

Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory: Units 23-26

Beth is finishing up the review workbook for 1st grade with Math Mammoth. I’m so happy with this math curriculum. I feel very confident teaching math now, something quite new to me!

I love how it uses real-life to teach mathematical concepts. For instance while reviewing graphing I sent Beth up to her room to graph her stuffed animals! Talk about fun!

We’re pressing ahead with All About Spelling. I’m trying to figure out how to manage three levels which will happen in a few months. Hopefully it won’t be too big of an adjustment.

And in the craziness of our last few weeks I didn’t remember to get a single shot of our history! I do need to mention our history lessons though because nearly every day she asks, “Do we get to read history now?!?!” She loves it and gets so excited when we read or see something that relates back to our history readings.

Preparing Hearts for His Glory: Units 15-17

Here is my seriously little learner, Rose, always the studious focused one…

But she does get a little silly sometimes!
And here is one of the main reasons I’m loving Math Mammoth. Rose still feels self-imposed pressure with math and needing to be perfect, but she’s enjoying learning about it a little more. I gave her a bucket of water, a bunch of measuring cups and off she went to learn about liquid measurement! 
Rose thoroughly enjoys all our history projects. We’ve had to skip a few because of our busy schedule, but I’m getting better at making sure they happen. This boat was particularly impressive and fun…especially since it floated!
Here are a few more things we did during the last few weeks…
Piano Recital!
Fun with friends visiting from the Netherlands! 
Rose got her ears pierced! 
So yeah, it’s been busy. And I managed to squeeze in a few reviews…
AND…there should be a review of this week coming soon!!!!

1 thought on “4 Weeks in Review: April 14-May 9”

  1. Aw, don't be too hard on yourself. I kept thinking I was going to post about our year with Preparing every week and never did one post on it. 😦 I got a lot of pictures though for our memory album. I just now posted my first post in 11 months! You're doing great and so are your girls. 🙂


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