Life Recorded: May 10

I’m striving to work more consistently on our family scrapbooks. I’ll share some of my completed pages here and include the links to the kits I use for digital scrapbooking if they are still available. 

Right now I’m working on our 2008 Scrapbook…yup, playing catch-up! Rose is two and Beth is 10 months old. Oh how the time flies. This is why I scrapbook. Yes, it is fun and relaxing, but most importantly I am recording the memories of our life for our girls as they grow up. They love looking back at the books I’ve completed…smiling…laughing…remembering. They read the stories behind the photos with joy and share them with friends and family. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to create a legacy for them through scrapbooks.

365Unscripted: Stitched Grids Bundle by Traci Reed

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