Week in Review: May 11-15

Not many have entered yet, which increases your chances to be blessed with this incredible CD! 
Now onto our week…

So this was the start of our week. Standardized testing!

Yeah, I know, not super exciting, but it isn’t too bad. The girls don’t mind and it is a nice deviation from our normal routine. Grace isn’t quite old enough, much to her disappointment. The funny thing is that for all the stress so many of my friend’s kids are under with testing in traditional school, my girls really do find it kind of fun. I make sure they know it doesn’t really count for anything, it is just a way for me to see what they have learned and what we may need to work on some more. Rose has finally moved past her struggle with timed tests where she isn’t so stressed out about how much time she has left. I found out Beth is doing all of the math in her head and getting it right, which is just incredibly exciting for me!

We test because I do like to know where they stand academically, but also because it is required in our state. In the past I’ve used Seton Testing Services which I still highly recommend. This year we opted to use the older CAT Test provided by Christian Liberty Press. I liked it much better and it is a bit more academically expectant than the newer tests. I’m very interested to see how my girls score on this.

Since the first two days were testing  I opted to work on the basics for the rest of the week and finish up a few things we didn’t get to last week, but no new unit in our Heart of Dakota Guides. Here is a mish-mash of the learning we accomplished this week!

Little Miss Grace was over-the-moon to start using the All About Spelling tiles this week!
She also had a lot of fun using the abacus to work on some math facts. This is such a great tool and the girls love when they can use it for their math work!
Fundanoodle handwriting just keeps getting better!
Beth did a lot of her work in other areas of the house this week. Reading outside, handwriting in the kitchen, and sometimes in her bedroom. I forgot to get pictures of her doing all of those things! She did math in our school room so that’s what I have recorded. 
Beth is very mathematically minded and does well, but gets distracted sometimes, maybe because she feel sit is too easy, but she almost never makes a mistake except for not writing down the “what” for word problems. By that I mean if her answer is dollars or cats or chips, she usually forgets to include that. We’re working on it though!
Rose had some notebooking to finish up from her last unit. She really likes the notebooking which I require to be completely in cursive. 
We had a lot of bumps along the way with math over the last couple of years, but Rose is doing great now. Her confidence in math builds every day and she doesn’t dread it nearly as much. Not to mention the tears have finally subsided when it comes to math! 
I hope you all had a good week! I’d love to hear about your standardized testing. Leave a comment if you test telling me what you use and when you test. 

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