Peek at Our Week: October 31-November 4

I had two very exciting opportunities open up this week! I was invited to be on the 2017 Old Schoolhouse Review Crew and to be on the Creative Team for the digital scrapbook designer Libby Pritchett Designs! I was on the Review Crew in 2013, but had to step away from that for a season. I was also on a digital scrapbooking creative team several years ago, but when the designer’s stores closed I never really actively sought out another team. Both of these opportunities were a great encouragement for me this week! I was feeling inspired and finished quite a few pages in the evenings after the girls went to bed.

For the most part school went well.We completed my list so that means it was a good week!

Rose: Resurrection to Reformation Unit 14
We finished up the Middle Ages and are anticipating moving into the Renaissance period. This is really such a rich program for history and it only gets better as the kids grow. Rose is learning independence also means accountability in a different way and she’s growing in this area as well.

Applying her love of art to creating a replica flag from the Middle Ages

 Math is still our most difficult subject to wade through together. We love Principles of Mathematics, but when we get to something that is a more challenging subject we review through the topic again with Math Mammoth. I like having this freedom. I wish I could find a magic solution, but I’m finding that since this is not a subject she enjoys we just have to keep moving and have patience. My husband helps out in this a lot as I don’t always know how to explain a mathematical concept in a way she will fully understand, especially if the way the book presents it doesn’t quite take. 

Beth: Preparing Hearts for His Glory Unit 31
Beth is becoming more focused in her studies and wanting to dive more deeply into what she is learning. Up until recently she completed her work without much complaint (usually!) but just did the minimum I asked and never offered to ask any further questions or see out anymore information. Now, it’s very different. We have a shelf of history books that are arranged by order or historical period. I’m finding her more and more asking more questions and seeking out information on her own. She’s also picking up more books on her own beyond the reading I require. 

Creating a Medieval Pendant out of clay. She then colored her design with Sharpie Markers
Beth continues to enjoy the projects and is really progressing with her narration both oral and written. It’s been so fun to see her growth from when we paused at the beginning of the summer to now. Math comes very easily to her and for a kid like that Math Mammoth is wonderful. She usually understands the teaching without much input from me. I have her explain the concepts and she always seems to know what she is doing. My theory is the reason for this is Beth has been homeschooled from the beginning, so her math had a more natural flow upwards rather than the every-kid-in-the-same-box traditional schools tend to follow. I can’t prove it, but it seems to be the reality for our kids. 
Grace: Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory Unit 22
Grace is excited every week: The end. What else can a parent want besides a child who jumps at the chance to learn, no matter what the subject. This girl loves rabbit trails! 

Daddy helps out with school on Mondays and in the afternoons if we don’t finish everything.
She is very patient and understanding that I can’t always give her my undivided attention. I do make sure I give her enough time, but since her guide doesn’t take as long it isn’t difficult. I am excited that we are moving on into the Revolutionary War period of history. She’s learning about Boston and many of the historical places connected to the birth of our nation. I hope to take the girls on a trip in the next couple of years northward so we can see some of these places in person. 
Some other things we did this week: 
1. Voted Early 
2. Watched Annie (The original)
3. Dressed up and played pretend

What fun things did you do this week?

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