Peek at our Week: November 7-11

 Our routine is pretty much down and the girls are doing well with that. Our six weeks schedule (6 weeks of school and one week off) has done so much to settle our year and the girls’ attitudes in general. If you are struggling in your year to make things really mesh I’d suggest you give this a try. 
And onto our week!
Grace: Unit 22 Little Hearts for His Glory

 As always little miss Grace eagerly dives into everything we do no matter what it is. All of my girls loved this guide and I’m sort of sad to see it come to an end this third time! She absolutely loves poetry and though sometimes she doesn’t understand it, she is excited to learn! 
We used the tile number board for math this week to practice odd and even numbers. A dear, dear friend n our church is a retired 2nd grade teacher. She has blessed us with a wonderful assortment of manipulatives, curriculum, folder games, books, and more. Such a blessing!
Beth: Unit 32 Preparing Hearts for His Glory

As we continue to creep to the end of the guide, it just keeps getting better! It has been a little harder to get through since we finished up Grandpa’s Box. I’ve never been very happy with A Child’s History of the World, but haven’t found an age-appropriate replacement that we aren’t using in a different guide. I’m currently searching out options as I think ahead for when Grace gets to this guide in another year-and-a-half or so. 
Beth is much more patient these days with herself and understanding that as she gets older she will have more work. That was incredibly frustrating for her at the  beginning of this guide. It has taken nearly the entire thing, but she has resigned herself and even jumped on board with the idea of maturing in her education. 

Rose: Unit15 Resurrection to Reformation

Rose is growing up so quickly. Those around us notice it and I hear about it all the time. I have moments where my heart squeezes so tightly as I realize my oldest baby is growing up. Even though I’ve seen this many times over as a teacher of middle schoolers, it’s a strange feeling to watch it unfolding in my own house. She’s becoming more independent and I’m giving her a few more freedoms. It’s beautiful to see her growing into the young lady she is becoming, but also difficult. I know other mamas reading this can relate! 
She has absolutely loved studying the medieval period. She made a coat of arms online with the recommended website in the guide. This was great except for the fact that our printer decided to start acting up and we couldn’t get it to actually print. I’m hoping my husband can help out with this and we can get it printed soon.
We’ve hit a little hiccup in math in studying common denominators. So we’re taking a little break and working through the process through Math Mammoth. Hopefully this will help cement the concept for Rose. We’ll be right back into Principals for Mathematics when we finish this side unit. We own the entire Math Mammoth program and I love that I can use it as grade-level or as units. 
As the week ended we spied the super moon!

I hope you all had a great week! 

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