Peek at our Week: November 14-18

One more week until we get a break for Thanksgiving! I have mentioned before we follow a 6-week schooling schedule, but we do take special breaks for holidays! Thanksgiving is coming and I have some fun stuff planned for the week!

The girls are at their grandparent’s house for the weekend. They get to visit with them about every 4-6 weeks. It’s wonderful for them to spend that time with them and nice for us since we are around one another 24-7 it does us all some good to have a little break. My mom is an amazing cook and has been teaching the girls about baking and cooking. Dad plays a lot of games with them and Rose especially enjoys playing basketball against him. I am spending the weekend decorating for Christmas! We will save the tree for the girls to get home though.

Here are a few highlights from the week!

Beth: Preparing Hearts for His Glory Unit 32

I’ve just realized almost all of my pictures of Beth are of her working on math! She really does other work, but this is one of her favorite subjects because it come easily. She does frustrate us sometimes because she hates to do extra steps which she feels are unnecessary, like writing out the operations she used for word problems. Since she rarely ever makes a mistake it is very difficult to explain the reason why she needs to do this!
We are edging nearer and nearer to the end of the guide. I asked her what her favorite part was and she responds, “All of it!” That is honestly how we feel about this particular guide and really all of the Heart of Dakota guides. I do know that one of her favorite portions is poetry. She really enjoys the writing and practicing rhyme scheme (which I assign every week). Interestingly enough, as much as she enjoys and genuinely understands the poetry, she much prefers to create prose for the writing assignments. Even so, it is quite creative and full of beautiful imagery. 
Grace: Bigger Hearts for His Glory Unit 24

 I’ve been working really hard recently to make sure I get the extra activities in for Grace. Because she is the youngest and my older girls have more in depth studies sometimes I would forget to do these with her. It wasn’t intentional, but I realized I just wasn’t giving her all that she really needed and I’ve been striving to do this better. I reworked the days we do some of the activities and that has helped tremendously. We are all over the place with completing the guide in that we do not follow the strict day-by-day scheduling anyway. So all history activities occur on Tuesdays (usually) and all science activities on Thursdays (usually). 
She read about King David hiding in the caves this week to correlate with some of her history readings about the early years of our country. Here she is using oatmeal to create some of the different rock formations mentioned in Scripture. There is something so very meaningful and creative about learning through touch this way.
Rose: Resurrection to Reformation Unit 16
Rose has very much enjoyed the maps she works on every week. I love that Heart of Dakota utilizes the Map Trek maps from Knowledge Quest. They are assigned in the older guides, but I purchased all of their sets one year when the were on sale one year and we use them with all of the guides when I can. I also love their biographies and often supplement with those as well. 
We are very close to the half-way mark in the guide which is very exciting! Math continues to be her least favorite subject, but taking time away from our main curriculum to solidify the concept of fractions and how factors/multiples relate to them has been incredibly beneficial. I truly believe that second to the discipleship training I am able to give my girls this is the best part of homeschooling. I can make sure the girls can master the concepts they struggle with in any subject and help them to grow at a pace which is most beneficial to them!
We are beginning to focus more on reading classics with Rose. This week she began Anne of Green Gables and I am on the lookout for classic stories she can read. She devours the written word so other “fun” books are easy for her to get into. This will help stretch her vocabulary and prepare for harder works of literature in the coming years.

Here are our sweet pets! Lucy and Penny love laying in the sunshine when I open the front door on these cold days. We live in the south, so I know cold is very much relative!
I’d love to hear how your week has gone!

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