Peeks at our Week: Christmas!!!! (December 25-Jan 6)

We are rarely home on Christmas day. The only other times this has happened was when I was in the hospital after emergency surgery. To have Christmas on a Sunday is very, very special. At the same time Christmas on a Sunday for the pastor’s family isn’t all that relaxing! That is why we had our “First Chrismas” earlier in the week. On Christmas morning we gave the girls their stockings.

 After a beautiful service worshiping with our church family we headed over to my parents’ house for “Second Christmas” as my girls call it! My amazing mom and dad made the best Christmas dinner. We had steak, chicken, and too many sides for me to remember! We stuffed ourselves silly and then opened gifts. 
We got up early the next day and drove to South Florida to celebrate “Third Christmas” with my husband’s family. This crew of 10 kids are my favorite group in the entire world! I missed having cousin camp with them in summer 2016 and hope to do it again this coming summer! We opened gifts the night we got there which you can imagine is one giant chaotic celebration! 
Christmas in Florida means swimming! Most of the kids really enjoyed it. Rose is more like I am and felt it was a bit too cold. You can see her shivering on the right! 
A trip to Grammy and Grampy’s house is not complete without a stop at Dairy Queen! 

Then we celebrated New Years together. Our fireworks were in the driveway.
I’d love to hear how your Christmas was! If you have a blog link leave it in the comments! 

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