Week in Review: March 6-10

We had a very good week back after our break. We will have another break in six weeks! 

Rose (6th grade): Resurrection to Reformation Unit 25
Here are some highlights from Rose’s week! She’s reading a new novel we are reviewing. It’s historical biblical fiction which is currently one of her favorite genres. She loves this book! I can’t wait to tell you more about it!

 I think Rose was working on her writing with Writing Strands in this picture. She loves sitting by the front door while working because our puppy likes the sun and they enjoy one anther’s company. Writing strands is such a great program! It’s simple to follow and very content rich. Rose has always loved to write and writing strands is helping her really hone her skills.


If you have followed our journey very long you already know math has never come easily to Rose. We have a good fit for her now, but it is something she has to work hard to find success. When she offered to help Grace with her math (2nd grade multi digit addition with carrying) I was just a little unsure. Then I remembered how teaching can help cement learning. It was an absolute beautiful moment to see Rose working to help her little sister learn, make sure she had the right answers, and then help her when she missed a problem. The fact that she had the confidence to do this was really encouraging and also showed me how God is shaping her desire to be a teacher one day.

 Beth (4th grade): Creation to Christ Unit 6
Beth absolutely loves the timeline portion of her notebooking each week! She can’t wait to get to it and spends a long time making sure the pictures are just to her liking. She’s also really progressing with her cursive and doesn’t have to reference her page to know how to make the letters as often.

Another part of her new guide which Beth really enjoys is her quiet time. I love that Heart of Dakota helps my girls to build a habit of daily time with the Lord. 

Math was with Daddy (And Lucy the cat!) this afternoon! She had already completed the work earlier in the day buy my husband was nice enough to go over her work with her when he came home at lunch. I’m so blessed that he is willing to jump in and help out anytime he can!
Grace (1st grade): Bigger Little Hearts for His Glory Unit 1 (1st half)
This week began our adventure through Bigger Hearts! I always start this guide at half speed because there is a huge jump in work-load. 
Grace loves reading with Lucy. We have a very, very tolerant cat. She gets dragged around the house and seems to actually enjoy it! Grace is reading another book we are reviewing here. You’ll get to read all about it this coming week! 

 Our curriculum does an amazing job of teaching geography! We reviewed the continents and oceans this week. I still have trouble remembering to include that 5th ocean sometimes because we only had four when I was a kid! She of course loves to spin the globe as fast as she can every time we get it down!

 Grace was over-the-top excited to learn to use the dictionary for vocabulary! I didn’t actually have to teach her though. She has been using a dictionary since she was five. We used to call her our little dictionary because she loved words and always wanted to know what different words mean. She also can often be found reading one of our many dictionaries for fun in the afternoons.

So that was our week! I spent this afternoon reorganizing our schoolroom! It feels good to have an organized space for learning. And no doubt I will be reorganizing again in about six weeks!

2 thoughts on “Week in Review: March 6-10”

  1. My boys love drawing their timeline pictures too. I can often see what they've learned from those pictures more than their writing. It's neat to see the little nuances they pick up on rom what they are learning.


  2. Yup! And then there was the day that was AMAZINGLY focused, yet when my husband asked my girls to tell him one thing they remembered from what they learned that day? \”Ummm…I know somebody did something and went somewhere. I'm just not sure who or what or where.\” Sigh…Just keep plugging away at it!


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