Week in Review: March 13-17

We had a really good week of school! Our local homeschool learning center was on spring break this week. We did our regular school, but also spent some extra time with friends and family and went on a field trip. It had been a while since we went on a field trip. We decided to go to a science center a few towns over which has a beautiful aquarium and some other fun displays.
 A fun family photo! Shout out to the sweet stranger who took the picture for us! Thank you!
Petting rays
Beautiful aquarium

Fun dinosaur exhibit!

My silly husband!

Discovering electricity and lightening!

My husbands sister and her 5 kids came Friday after our field trip. We love when they get to come and spend time with us!

We did school work this week, but I thought these photos would be a fun change of pace! Comment and tell me where you love to take field trips!

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