Creating a Masterpiece: A TOS Review Crew Review

Creating a Masterpiece Probably one of the most difficult subjects for me to make sure happens in our homeschool is art. We absolutely value the arts and I have a daughter who dreams of being an art teacher overseas at an international school, so I should make this a priority. The trouble comes with logistics, cost, and ability. I’m not artistic enough to be able to teach my girls how to more than cut, paste, and color. Art classes can be very pricey. Needless to say my girls were jumping with joy when they learned we were going to review a new art curriculum, especially Rose!  

Creating a Masterpiece

When my daughters saw this young artist and her amazing creation they couldn’t believe it! If this was an example of what they would create they were absolutely on board with trying out Creating a Masterpiece. We had the opportunity to review the monthly plan which is great for families who may want to plan for certain parts of the year to focus on art lessons. The value of these lessons is well worth the cost. They are well done and have enabled my daughters to create beautiful works of art. 

Our experience with this art curriculum was spectacular. The girls understood the instructor clearly and were eager to work on their projects. Our first project was a beginner charcoal piece. 

I enjoyed sitting back and watching my girls create. We haven’t done any art with charcoal so this was a completely new medium for them. This is my oldest daughter’s yaht. She would like to try this one more time as this was her first experience with charcoal. One thing I’m very pleased about with her is how she has matured and is willing to grow through what she sees as mistakes. I appreciated how the instructor emphasizes that erasers are fine, no two pictures need to look the same, and you can always include things you didn’t originally intend in the final picture. The girls each made the most of their own projects and had fun dressing them up so they were unique. 

 Here are their final products! 

 Order: Rose (11), Beth (9), Grace (7) One of the other projects we worked on was a chalk pastel painting. I joined in for this project and learned so very much! For instance, I did not realize that chalk pastels contain no actual chalk, but are pure paint pigment in a dry form. I have to admit, I struggle with art because I feel inadequate, but my daughters absolutely love when I join in their creativity. I genuinely enjoyed creating this picture. This was a level 1 lesson, so it was a bit more detailed.

 I snapped this shot while the girls took a break for a snack. We used painters tape to attach the paper to the table. We already had chalk pastels although they were not the ones recommended by the curriculum. We have used this medium before to create so the girls were a bit more comfortable with this project.
Here are our final products!

OrderTop: Rose (11), MommyBottom: Grace (7), Beth (9) We completed each of these in a day although they can be completed over the course of several days. My daughters tend to like to work to completion if possible. For these beginning levels this is absolutely doable. Some of the more complex projects definitely need more than one day.One of the very unique aspects of this curriculum is having all levels and all types of art mediums available with one subscription. Families with kids who want to try different things have the opportunity to allow this freedom! Also the wide variety of supplies used is amazing! You can choose projects which you already own or venture into the unknown. Young students and adults will enjoy these projects and might just be surprised with their results.
 Painting, sculpting, carving, wood burning, mosaics…I have never seen a curriculum with so much available at such an affordable price. This is the perfect fit for large families and families with kids who have multiple levels of artistic abilities. It’s also a perfect fit for children who want to try a new artistic medium they may have never tried before. I highly recommend giving this curriculum a try and fully expect you and your kids to love every minute!  Read more from my Crewmates! 

Creating Beautiful Art at Home {Creating A Masterpiece Reviews}

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