Peek at Our Week: March 27-31

 Another week has passed. All went well and we are excited to head into the weekend!

 Beth (4th grade): Creation to Christ Unit 9

 Beth had a good week. In math she worked on measurements including temperature and weight. History focused on the time leading up to King David’s reign. We are working through level 4 of All About Spelling. Spelling is very easy for Beth, but she enjoys the lessons and I see great value in learning the why behind our sometimes very strange English spellings. In the picture Beth is using white board colored pencils I found once for some spelling practice. She finished reading her novel this week, Mandie and the Secret Tunnel. This is a very special book series to me and I’m so excited to share it with my girls!

Grace (1st grade): Bigger Little Hearts for His Glory Unit 3

Grace is maturing now very quickly. My mom commented on a picture I posted this week that she just doesn’t look like our little girl anymore! Bittersweet it is, but it is also fun to watch her find her independence! We are moving right along at full-speed in Bigger Hearts without any problem at all! Grace loves vocabulary and spelling. She told me so this week! When I asked why she said it was probably because she loves to talk so much and it’s nice to have new words to say. I got a little giggle out of that. 
She also is continuing in both Math Lessons for a Living Education and Math Mammoth. You would think two curriculum might be too much, but honestly it isn’t for her. She loves both and happily completes it all. We will back off of one or the other if it gets to be too much. 
Rose (6th grade): Resurrection to Reformation Unit 28
Rose and Beth are working on dictation here. Grace is too, she’s just out of the shot! I find doing the same subject at the same time can be a great time saver for all of us! Especially now that all three are completing dictation. I recite the sentences and when they are ready for the next part they put their pencil down. It is also an exercise in self-discipline because I require them to stay silent so as not to distract their sisters. 
Rose is devouring history and anything else she can get her hands on to read! She loves reading anything and everything she can find. She also found joy in reading some of the Imagination Station books she never read before. They are geared towards a younger reading level, probably 2nd or 3rd grade, but the stories are still wonderful. She finished one in just about an hour I think, but said she really enjoyed it. It is so lovely to see my girl who is reading on a high school level still enjoy the simpler stories! 
Here are a few more pictures from our week…

 Rose: Reading for literature – Beth: Reading for History
Beth: Weighing a little spring creature for math
Grace: Sitting in my lap reading dictation to her sister on the front porch. 
(This is actually from last week, but it’s such a sweet picture I didn’t want to miss posting it!)
And now our beautiful spring weather has turned to watery mush for the weekend it seems. The girls are all done with school early today. They played with some remote controlled cars in the kitchen for a while, then used items from the recycling bin to create something for the cars. They have made cards and creations and some other things. Now they are getting a little screen time. They have been busy, busy bees this morning!

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