Preserving Memories: Week of March 26

 Only a couple of layouts this week! This week was incredibly busy in the evenings and I’m going away this weekend for a women’s retreat with our church so I didn’t have as much spare time this week. These are the last two “event” pages for my book! Now I just have this list to finish:
Parenting through the year – 1 page
Each of the girls pictures in every month to see how they have changed – 3 pages
Time with grandparents – 2 pages
Pets – 2 pages
Cousins – 2 pages
I can’t wait to be done! I will have one more finishing touch to add to each page. I try to find a Scripture verse for at least every other page. It’s a fun way to incorporate our faith into my memory making. I use a puzzle piece and stick it somewhere on the page. The girls enjoy looking for that part!

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