Peek at Our Week: April 3-7

Pretty low-key week. We’ve had quite a few of those recently. If your weeks haven’t been low-key, don’t fret! We are in a very different season now. We’ve been doing this homeschool thing for 10 years now if you include preschool. My kids are becoming more independent and comfortable with our routines. I’m not teaching the basics anymore so we are doing more building on our learning than just base knowledge. Trust me, low-key will come!

Rose (6th grade): Resurrection to Reformation Unit 29
Rose is getting excited as we are rounding the corner for the final weeks of Resurrection to Reformation. She’s doing great and just moves through without any trouble these days. So much is independent with these guides. This is great for her age because she is pulling away more into independence in many areas of her life. She’s also becoming more of a writer! She’s using a baby name book here to choose names for her characters in a story she is writing. I love seeing her create!
Grace (1st grade): Bigger Little Hearts for His Glory Unit 4

Here is my fun-loving girl! She’s so diligent with her studies, but this doesn’t stop her from having fun! She continues to love looking up words in the dictionary, loves to complete her math, and loves to read. I asked her this week if there was anything we did in school she didn’t love. She thought for a minute and said handwriting because it takes too long! This is exactly her personality, she’s always on the move and wants to go a quickly as possible! We do sometimes have to go back and fix things, but for the most part even in her desire to move fast she does very well with school!
Beth (4th grade): Creation to Christ Unit 10
Beth is enjoying Creation to Christ although she is rather quiet about it. She puts forth great effort in her notebooking and her handwriting is improving tremendously due to writing letters to her cousin! She wrote her cousin initially as a writing assignment and when she received a reply she was amazed at how nice her handwriting was. In response I have seen a dramatic improvement in her cursive. I love these unforeseen benefits! In math we are still using Math Mammoth and she thoroughly enjoys it until I make her show her work. She calculates quickly in her head, so writing it down feels tedious. We are working on it! She learned about weights this week and were able to utilize a balance scale which was gifted to us from a retired teacher last year. I never say no when people want to bless us with cool tools like this! 

Like I said, low-key…I’ll take it! How was your week?

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