Preserving Memories: Random Pages

Each of these layouts is coming from different books/years, so they are pretty random! I haven’t had time to sit down and really finish up my 2016 book, so I’m just scrapping some random stuff when I have the chance.

This is our girls meeting Chip and Dale when we visited Disney World in 2015. We haven’t been back since and they have been after me to get this book done! 

 Easter 2017! I posted this picture of my girls the week of Easter in our week in review, but I doctored it a bit in Photoshop and stuck it in a pretty template!
 In the fall of 2015 we got to visit Washington DC. I wanted to get a start on this book and here is the first page I’ve done! Although this wasn’t the first place we visited, this was one of the most memorable memorials.

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