Week in Review: April 24-28

We had another “off-routine” week which is really a nice thing in the bigger perspective. If we are always right on point with our weeks then we get into ruts much more easily. The girls each finished up the end of the HOD unit we had started a couple of weeks prior. They know next week will be “full school” as they like to call it so they enjoyed the little bit of time off. 

We enjoyed a couple more days visiting with my in-laws and over the weekend traveled to see my husband’s sister and her family. While visiting them we attended a High School performance of Cinderella! Grace and her cousin dressed up as Cinderella. Another cousin was a courageous knight! They were absolutely precious and the cast seemed to adore their enthusiasm! 

I hope you had a great week! We are back to our regular schooling next week and then our week of standardized testing. Summer here we come!

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