Week in Review: July 10-14

I’m starting a new feature on the blog called For the Soul! 

Well…we drove home from Florida on Monday. What a WONDERFUL time with family! We were able to spend a short amount of time with my husband’s grandmother as well. We love her so very much but her mind is fading with some form of dementia. The times we spend with her now are so precious for all of us.

 The rest of the week was spent
1. unpacking and doing laundry
2. cleaning the house
3. catching up on reviews
4. catching up on scrapbooking
This morning we rewarded ourselves for our hard work all week with a field trip to the zoo. The girls had an adventure on the high ropes obstacle course! I was so proud of all of them, but especially Beth because she has a pretty strong fear of heights. They were so brave!

Next week will bring more regular school again. We won’t be at “full school” yet, but we will be learning!

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