Trust Fund from Mapelle FIlms: A TOS Crew Review

Mapelle FilmsMy husband and I really enjoy movies. Our date nights are often in the evenings after the girls have gone to bed and we stick in a movie to watch together. We are incredibly picky about what we view and use a filtering system because most of the new movies out there contain quite a bit of material we just don’t care to hear or see. We are always excited when a Christian puts out a new movie because we don’t have to worry so much about content. It is exciting to see newcomers to the industry using their God-given talents to produce something that is honoring to Him. This is absolutely the case with Trust Fund  from Mapelle Films. We had a really nice evening-in one weekend while my girls were with my parents having dinner and watching this great movie! 

Trust Fund Movie

Trust Fund is a modern, prodigal story. Reese Donahue, played by Jessica Rothe is the heiress to a fortune and is frustrated by her lack of success as a writer. As she approaches desperation we see Reese make some really bad decisions that will only serve to alienate herself from her family.     This movie is engaging and funny, and we both enjoyed it. While it is not the typical action and adventure feature my husband enjoys, it was a great date movie for the two of us. The acting was very good and the characters were completely believable in their roles. There is also an element of intrigue and adventure towards the end as well.  I enjoy a good romantic movie and this is one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. A big reason was there was absolutely nothing I felt uncomfortable watching. I also would be completely comfortable having my daughters watch along with us and plan to do so. I do think it may be a little grown up for all three of them in that they may not find it interesting, but I wouldn’t be opposed to them watching it for any reason.  I was pleased to see an actress from one of my favorite miniseries, the BBC version of Emma. Louise Dylan (Harriet Smith in Emma) plays the role of the older, self-righteous sister just beautifully! I am personally drawn to a character who plays a good meanie or is at least a little gruff. There were several others I recognized as well and we had fun checking out in what other movies some of the cast were.  Love Was Near BookFor older girls there is a lovely companion book, Love Was Near. This is book provides a deeper look into what Reese was thinking and why she made the decisions she made throughout. This is for ladies ages 12 and up. I did not review this title, but several of my Crewmates did! Make sure you check out their reviews on it!   One more fabulous resource is a downloadable study guide for small groups or families to use to further explore the themes of the movie. While my husband and I did not delve into this, I was quite impressed. It is a lovely little printable booklet you could use with high school girls or a young adult small group with ease. I was also excited to see Scripture featured in this booklet. My favorite aspect of this movie is that you won’t find it to be in any way a preachy film. It is a great movie to share with friends who don’t know the Lord and may even lead into some discussions for you. I consider this a modern day parable in every way, and just as Christ used stories to tell truths from the Word, you will find ample opportunity to do the same with this tale of what really happens when someone tries to find themselves. At the same time those who are watching it won’t get the sense it is a move trying to convert them. I do however envision doors of opportunity opening wide for those who do view it with their unbelieving friends! Grace, redemption, and love flow throughout this lovely story. You won’t be disappointed.  Take a look at the trailer below! 

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Trust Fund Movie {Mapelle Films Reviews} Crew Disclaimer

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