Week in Review: July 17-21

Lots of good learning happened this week! But no pictures. I just got busy and the camera never came out. Oh well! 
The girls are working on lots of math, literature of their choice, a biography of their choice, and we are memorizing the states by region on the map as well as their capitals. We started in New England and they have mastered the first 6 with ease. We are enjoying working with some material we are reviewing and just in general having a great summer break from our “routine” curriculum. Experience has taught me that by mid-August the break will have served its purpose and we will all be ready to be back on schedule with Heart of Dakota.
These days are bittersweet in so many ways as my girls are getting older. Two daughters in double digits can make my heart squeeze sometimes, but we are also enjoying one another greatly. We are playing lots of games. Yahtzee is the current favorite. Our neighborhood has a pool and we are taking full advantage of that. Even with the wicked hot summer days we have been having the morning and evenings are still a good time to swim. We are laughing and playing and generally just having fun. This doesn’t mean there aren’t those moments
You know the ones. The ones when Mommy has to give the look, the ones when one of the three is angry at another, or when I have to say for the 4th time to do a very simple task from around the house. Those moments are still happening regularly, but I’m sensing a shift in the relationship with my daughters. They are still my little girls in so many ways, but more and more we are having deeper, longer conversations. I treasure these in my heart and when it starts to squeeze with the bittersweet thoughts of my girls growing up I push them away with prayer and memories of the sweet moments we are having.

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