Week in Review: August 28-September 1st

 I’ve had a lot of people ask me about whether our school is in full-swing yet because all of the traditional schools in our area have now started. Because we school through the summer I do have an “official” start date, but this year I’ve given us what I like to call a soft-start to school. We have continued with our summer studies and have just enjoyed these last few days of summer. So yes, we have continued with a full day of learning, but we are not yet to our full curriculum. Next week will be a little different as well because my girls will spend Monday with their grandparents and Wednesday I have a teacher’s meeting in preparation for the middle school English class I teach. The following week will bring us back to our Heart of Dakota curriculum.
 Grace has been enjoying Math Lessons for a Living Education alongside of our Math Mammoth curriculum. This is one of her activities pictured above. She created a store for her sisters to come and shop. She acquired all sorts of items, priced them, sold them, and made change. Mathematics concepts in real life, for a real purpose, and oh so very meaningful. THIS is why we love homeschooling.

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