Preserving Memories: Week of September 17

The two digital scrapbooking layouts I finished this week were actually a very recent event! We went to the zoo a week ago and while we were there had fun on the Air Hike course. This was the girls and my husband’s second time up, buy my first time. When they worked through it before I stayed on the ground to take pictures…and maybe because I have a little problem with heights, or at least a fear of falling from them!

Beth is very nervous in new situations anyway, but heights bother her as well. She desperately wanted to go on the zip line, but was too afraid last time. She told me if I went the next time she would go on it. So I got up my courage and made the trek into the treetops. The staff was amazing. They encouraged her and cheered her on the whole way! There was even a group of zoo goers who were cheering for her while she braved a rope net. They also let me hold her while we rode the zip-line the first time! It was really hard for me to make that first step, but I had to be bold and brave for my sweet girl! She asked me to ride with her one more time and then she went on her own three more times!

And that my friends is why I scrabook. I want to remember these moments and I want my girls to have the memories to keep and share with their own children some day. Memories matter and so I preserve them.


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