The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls Books1 & 2 from WorthyKids/Ideals: A TOS Crew Review

WorthyKids My eager reader Grace was very excited when she found out she would have two new books to read! Grace is eager about just about everything, but this was extra exciting because it was a sequel. She is a big fan of book series because it means she gets to read more adventures with the stories she loves. The first two books in the The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls series from WorthyKids/Ideals completely captivated her!  

Two Children, siblings Mary and Peter discover scrolls in a pot in their uncle’s house. The ones with a red wax seal transports them to ancient biblical times. The first book takes the children to Creation week and the second to the time of Noah as he is building the ark. The children have to decipher what the ancient scrolls have written on them because they are in a language they cannot understand. Once they discover the words the seal turns from wax into metal and are then transported back to their own time.
These very short adventure books are excellent choices for kids just beginning to read chapter books. The stories are engaging and adventurous, but with words which aren’t too difficult for young readers. The short length is also great because they will not feel overwhelmed by them. Each chapter is only a few pages long with nice, larger sized lettering. Each entire book is only about 100 pages total and there are still pictures which was a big deal to my girls when they were just starting chapter books. 

There are quite a few chapter book series out there for young readers, but only a few emulate the values we desire our children to emulate such as integrity, honesty, and respect. Even fewer deal with the Bible at all and especially in a way which is presented as truth. I consider these to fit into the genre of historical fiction because the biblical side is presented in a factual way. 
Since we started our full-schedule of school I assigned each of these books over the course of one week. She was assigned a chapter a day…but often read ahead. This is such a great indication of just how good the books are. My girls always read without complaint, even when they don’t always love the book. I can tell whenever they love the book because they come to me after their assigned reading time and say, “I’m sorry Mommy…I read ahead.” I think it’s so funny that Grace apologized every time because I never mind!  

Here is what Grace (7) has to say about the books:
I really like them! I want to know if they are going to make any more because I like that its about them going back in time and how they try to figure out the mystery words. I also like that they get to meet people from the Bible. I also like that it’s hard to figure out the words. I like that in the second book they had to guess the sentences because time was running out. I also like that it’s really adventurous. 
Now that you know what Grace thinks, don’t forget to see what my Crewmates have to say! 

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls. {WorthyKids/Ideals Reviews}Crew Disclaimer

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