One of our weeks of break was in Florida. We spent a day at the beach. I’m not usually a beach goer. I don’t particularly like the salt water and do not love the sand at all. But something about being at the ocean, listening to the waves, feeling the warmth…it was restoring. As we sat and watched the kids play, I couldn’t help but sing praises to the Lord for His care for my daughter. As I watched her play with her sisters and cousins, there was only pure delight and joy. You could not pick her out as having been so very sick just one month prior. 


I love this man dearly. He enthusiastically indulges my crazy whim. He prays with me and over me. He accepts me as I am. I am a better me because of him. Stress can tear couples apart. The grace of God allowed us to grow closer. That is the beauty of a relationship centered on Christ rather than each other. 
And so we returned to our home restored. We were greeted with below freezing temperatures, but it was good to be home! 

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