Peek at Our Week: January 8-12

You will notice there aren’t many pictures of Grace this week! I teach an English class for middle school homeschoolers on Mondays and my husband teaches our girls. When I got home from my class poor little Grace (who was bouncy and lively when I left) was plopped on the couch and running a fever. She spent the rest of the week resting and is still getting over that. This is pretty much what her week consisted of…

Rose: Revival to Revolution Unit 5 (7th Grade)

Rose has really made strides in time management this year. She loves working ahead and actually finished almost the entire week’s worth of history assignments on Monday while I was working! She does not have less work than Beth, but finishes before her nearly every day. 

We had an interesting thing happen that has dramatically improved our math time. My husband and I have always felt Rose’s so-called struggle in math was because it wasn’t something that came fast and easy. She understands the concepts and can work out the problems, but because it felt tedious to her, she thought she was not strong in this area. After testing with the Woodcock-Johnson test last week where she tested a full grade-level above her current work. This not only shocked her, it gave her a boost of confidence like I have never seen! Not only was math faster than ever before, she never once complained and even worked ahead!

And then on Wednesday, she came home from her science class and asked to go to bed. Yup, she came down with what Grace had! 

Beth: Creation to Christ Unit 19 (5th Grade)

 My dear Beth has not yet caught what her sisters have! This is a wonderful blessing because she battled a very serious illness in November. This sweet girl really loved the more individualized attention she was given on Thursday and Friday. I always work with her, but it was just her and I doing school the last two days and she loved it. 

For her Bible study she enjoyed listening to a dramatized, word-for-word recording. She followed along in her Bible and it was a fun change. She did well in all her studies and I was blessed that she helped me out more than usual around the house on her own initiative since her sisters were sick.

Free Learning Friday

After reading what my blogging friend Misty from Joy in the Journey had to stay here on Instagram…

… I decided to give it a try. It went great! Well, 1/3 of my children enjoyed it. The other two spent the morning on the couch. I told them in advance they could decide what they wanted to learn about on Friday and I would do my best to comply.

Beth decided to study about Australia. I have a fabulous unit study from Amanda Bennett and was all set! Then the internet wouldn’t work. Then the printer wouldn’t work. Then both were fixed and the links wouldn’t work! No worries though, I pulled off several atlases and a couple of other resources and we dove right in. She loved it! Sometimes our plans don’t pan out, but we can still have fun learning. It was a great lesson for both of us in being flexible.

So that was our week! Honestly, plans were derailed and very little went as I had imagined between illness and internet woes and printer issues. I could have griped and grumbled and let the days be ruined. Instead, I chose to just go with it, and our week was lovely in an unplanned kind of way.

How was your week?

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4 thoughts on “Peek at Our Week: January 8-12”

  1. How interesting about the math! I have a son who acts the same; I wonder if \”black and white results\” would effect him the same. Sorry to hear about the illness and hope it clears quickly.


  2. Hubby has it now! Sending him to bed! It was really interesting. We have to do standardized testing in our state. This was a much better assessment because it wasn't multiple choice and an oral exam. I think that part helped her self confidence because it was also immediate results. I'd love to hear back from you if you try this and see it makes a difference!


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