Week in Review: February 12-16

Another week is in the books! Uneventful and that is just how I like it! 
Beth (5th Grade): Creation to Christ Unit 23
Beth has been memorizing Philippians chapter 2 this year. She has memorized verses 1-20 and I’m so pleased with her diligence. She did not like the idea at the beginning of the year. It felt overwhelming and she resisted learning the one verse a week I assigned. The way she works on this is to memorize the next verse in the passage on Monday and Tuesday while reviewing the previous verses. So this week she memorized verse 20 and reviewed verses 1-19. Wednesday is a day off from memorizing, then Thursday and Friday she recites the entire passage. She gets stuck every once in a while, but overall has done excellent work! 
She surprised me by getting up almost an hour before I did, completed most of her chores, and was finished with her Friday schoolwork by 8:00 am. Fridays are our “light” days so they can have some free time to pursue their own interests, but this is still a huge change for her. In the past she has been the last one to finish every day. She beamed with joy as she told me all she had accomplished so early! There are some really good lessons in this, not only for her, but for me as well! 


Grace (2nd Grade): Bigger Hearts for His Glory Unit 16
Grace has one unit left in her 2nd grade mathematics and then we will move on to 3rd grade. She, like her oldest sister, fully understands the mathematical concepts she is learning, but sometimes just rushes through and isn’t careful. Thankfully this has not yet developed a frustration in this subject. 
Today she will be completing her standardized testing for the year. It is a little early, but we have a friend who is now administering the Woodcock-Johnson Test of Cognitive Abilities. Her sisters have already completed it and I’ve been very happy with not only how the assessment has been administered but the extent of the information I get in return. She can’t wait! My kids really don’t mind standardized testing at all. It also helps that they know and greatly love our friend who has given it to them this year!  

Rose (7th Grade): Revival to Revolution Unit 9
One of Rose’s favorite parts of our day is writing. Writing Strands is our curriculum of choice and it is such a great curriculum! The daily bite-sized teaching has helped her learn how to craft beautifully written pieces both fiction and non-fiction. We have found a fun new way to go about the editing process using Google Docs! Since we gave the girls new, larger tablets with attachable keyboards she is using this to create her writing assignments. I now go through and make suggestions, then sit down and we go through each edit one-by-one. The great thing is we can see the changes as they are being typed even on different devices! I’m using an iPad and she has an Android based device. Technology can be really cool sometimes! 
In addition math has moved along smooth as silk. Oh what a wonderful thing to be able to write! 
Free Learning Friday: Olympics 

Don’t be shocked, but you will probably see the same thing next week! The girls are learning about how the events are judged, the rules, and all sorts of other things!

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2 thoughts on “Week in Review: February 12-16”

  1. you had me wondering about the attachable keyboards and how that connects to a table… boy… my thoughts were spinning. 🙂 Neat that you can be on different devices when you edit and you can see it the same time.


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