Answers for Homeschooling: A NLPG Book Review

Homeschool moms face a barrage of questions. When you are just beginning, this can lead to an enormous amount of self-examination and questioning the decision you felt was best for your family when you made it. It can be tempting to respond with snarky answers to those who ask things like, “How can you be qualified to teach?” or, “What about socialization?” There are some hilarious blogs and vlogs geared in this manner, but my experience has been most of the time these questions are genuine curiosity. Even if you get tired of answering the same thing over and over, remember many people asking you may never have encountered a homeschool family. Wouldn’t it be nice to leave them with a pleasant memory? Israel Wayne‘s book, Answers for Homeschooling: Top 25 Questions Critics Ask, will not only help answer some of your questions, but give you a good resource so you can articulate accurate and kind answers to those who question or critique your choice! 
Israel Wayne is a well-known author and speaker in the homeschool community. His mother was one of the pioneers of the homeschooling movement before it was legal in every state. He and his wife, Brooke, have homeschooled their own children and his personal experience as both a homeschooler and homeschool parent provides a wealth of information for those of us newer to the scene. His writing is clear, factual, and compelling. It is evident he is not only knowledgeable about the homeschooling community, but also passionate to support families in their endeavor to home educate their children. The most important part about the Wayne’s writing is his biblical world-view. When confronted on-the-spot with uncomfortable questions it can be hard to remember God called us to this season. With this book you can have a few Scriptures tucked in the back of your mind to help you navigate some of your answers, even to those who don’t know or follow the Lord.

I live in a more diverse community in which homeschooling does not appear as quirky as other locations around the country. Most of our encounters with non-homeschoolers is positive and many tell me their children have asked them to homeschool at one point or another. Still, I believe all 25 questions have been addressed to me at one point or another by friends, family, and strangers! Sometimes people aren’t questioning me, but their own ability to teach their children. I love encouraging parents that they do have the ability if they want it! 

One of my favorite chapters was entitled, Do You Know What Causes That? Believe it or not, our little family of 5 has been asked this very thing. I never have felt like we had a so-called large family until I encountered questions like these or other unknowingly rude comments. Again, I don’t believe this kind of question is necessarily intended maliciously, but it can be very uncomfortable especially when asked in front of your own children. I appreciated the biblical reminders of just how precious children are to the Lord and therefore ought to be to me. It’s not a common view. Based on many blogs and articles I’ve read online many in my generation don’t exactly seem to appreciate or even like their children. I don’t doubt they love them, but they are more interested in pursuing their own interests and desires. I often see this when I’m out shopping with my kids as well. We don’t have a perfect little family where we all get along every minute of the day, but generally speaking we really enjoy each other’s company!

Whether you are a newbie to the homeschooling community or have been at this a while, this title will be a great encouragement to you. You may even find a grounded answer to these questions which never occurred to you before!

Disclaimer: I received this title as a part of the New Book Review Crew at NLPG. I did not receive any compensation for this review. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own.

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