Magic Stix Washable Markers from The Pencil Grip, Inc.: A TOS Crew Review

The Pencil Grip, Inc. When it comes to art supplies we homeschoolers can be pretty picky. When we spend our money we try to go for quality, knowing that we want the supplies to last a long time. In my opinion Magic Stix Washable Markers from The Pencil Grip, Inc. are an excellent investment for your homeschool or non-homeschooling family!Magic Stix Washable Markers There are some reasons these particular markers are superior to others we’ve used. One is the fact that they don’t have an odor and are still vibrant. Some typical brands with very vibrant colors have an incredibly strong odor which honestly gives me a headache. Other popular brands don’t have a strong odor, but the color is lackluster or fades after a while. These beautifully bold colors don’t smell at all and still retain a bright color.  Another incredible feature of these is that they don’t dry out quickly! In fact, they can last 7 days without the cap on…7 DAYS! I know I am not the only mom out there who has sighed at finding a maker leftover from a fun art activity on the floor without a cap and if not completely dried out, it was well on its way. It is so disheartening to spend my money on product and through the inevitable course of events of childhood have to throw away those products. It feels like I’m throwing my money away. There is no need to feel this way any longer. It’s easy to see if you have forgotten a marker when putting the case away and even if you do inadvertently miss it and the cap happens to be off, no sweat! 

This crew of kids were my testers for these excellent markers. My nieces and nephews spent a weekend with us and we had the chance to take them to my oldest daughter’s last basketball game of the season. We thought it would be fun to make signs to cheer her on!

With this many kids working and passing markers around I was thankful for the case to make sure we got them all back. It’s much easier to notice in here than it is in a traditional marker box. I also really like the nice handle which makes it easy to transport.

The markers are available to purchase in packages of 12 and 24 and worked beautifully for these kids (Kindergarten-7th grade) for detailed work. My own kids are in second, fifth, and seventh grades. They love to color and draw with markers. They love art projects and creating. Whether our projects are everyday fun or something planned ahead of time we will continue to return to this set for their wonderful quality.

Here are all the kids with their fabulous homemade signs. These wonderful kiddos cheered Rose on with these signs and some really fun basketball cheers. They had some great compliments from other spectators! 

I think the signs encouraged her! She sunk this basket along with several others and her team one! 

I have already recommended these markers to friends and will continue to do so! I think these are the highest quality markers I have used in our home.  

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Magic Stix Washable Markers {The Pencil Grip, Inc. Reviews}Crew Disclaimer

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