Peek at Our Week: March 5-9

 Other than ending our week with a few sniffles from a cold we’ve had a good week! Not thrilled with this VERY cold weather here in the south. We even saw a few snowflakes yesterday. This is crazy weather! The girls were all very focused this week and we ended school by lunch almost every day. This week was gloriously uneventful in my book!
 Grace (2nd Grade): Bigger Hearts for His Glory Unit 18
I LOVED reading about Robert Fulton and his invention of the steam boat this week! The second half of the Bigger guide is my favorite. Lots of wonderful peeks into the inventive progress of early America. We will also soon touch on some of the less desirable things about this age, like slavery. It is so hard to talk about these things, but so necessary for our children to learn. 
We have been working this year as well on improving handwriting. Grace does very well with her formal handwriting books, but it hasn’t been translating into her written work. Hopefully we can shore up this area soon.
 Beth (5th Grade): Creation to Christ Unit 25
 Beth is working on remembering what she reads for longer periods of time. If she is interested in a subject this is not a problem, but with topics she finds boring she reads just for the moment and often loses the information soon after. She does not have any learning struggle in any area and I think part of the problem is that school comes so easily to her she doesn’t really have to work for it. Using the Heart of Dakota notebooking pages gives her a chance to review what she has learned and be able to tell me more about it at the end of the week. 
She’s studying the Roman battles and conquest of territory, so honestly, I don’t blame her lack of interest. I think she will find the next guide to be more intriguing. In math she is studying factor trees which she finds extremely fun. 
Rose (7th Grade): Revival to Revolution Unit 11
Rose seems to find every aspect of history interesting no matter what it is. This year the Revolutionary War has captivated her imagination. I opted for a different book for storytime than the one suggested because I was having trouble tracking it down used and I don’t usually buy our materials new except for our guides. She is enjoying Johnny Tremain as a substitute. I read it when I was about her age and I’m glad to share the story with her as well. We will probably watch the old Disney move once she finishes. 
She is drifting more and more towards writing rather than art. I love to see her enjoy this, but miss seeing her drawings. It isn’t that she doesn’t enjoy art, but she seems more interested in crafting stories at the moment. She is an excellent writer and I want to encourage this pursuit. Interests ebb and flow at this age so we will see where this may lead. Maybe she will write and illustrate her own book one day! 
Our lives have really calmed down this week. No more basketball or cheer practices or games for either Rose or Grace. Now all three of my gals are participating in clogging like Beth did last year! They are excited to be doing this together and I will share pictures with our various performances as they come along. All three practicing at the same time on the same day is so simple and it is extremely fun to see them experience something new! 
What were you up to this week?

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4 thoughts on “Peek at Our Week: March 5-9”

  1. It sounds like a wonderful week! We read Johnny Tremain last year and really enjoyed it! I didn't realize there was a movie, I am going to have to track that down 🙂


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