Peek at our Week: June 25-29 (Summer Routine)

This is what it looks like to homeschool in the summer at our house. 
We don’t take month’s off because it leads to skill loss in certain areas, especially math. We do take random days off here and there for fun, but this is what our normal looks like. We will often do lessons after lunch instead of the morning because it gets so very hot here in the South in the afternoons. 

Our morning schedule includes our regular chores and then either playtime or school if they choose. We will also work on more “fun” school stuff in the mornings or review items. Some days we go to the pool and some days we meet up with friends. 

After lunch the girls will do schoolwork unless they have opted to get it done in the morning. We had let them have a little more screen time than we typically do in the summer, but have pulled back on that again because it seemed to be affecting their temperament. 
After dinner we may head to the pool when it is cooler. The girls love going in the evening because it takes out the need for sunscreen which is just another thing on the list to them! Quite often my husband takes them in the evenings without me and I work on getting things done in a quiet house. 
Our days are more relaxed, but somehow it still feels busy. It’s busy in an unscheduled way which is just sort of interesting. I think the lack of schedule may be what makes it feel hectic in some ways. I’ve had much more time to work on decluttering the house, scanning old photos, and writing. I have not scrapbooked as much as I would have liked, but I’m getting back into that as well. 
What are your summer days like? 

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