New Year Update

Well, we are 2 weeks into the new year. 2019 has been busy, but blissfully uneventful for our family. A mild cold is finishing its course through the house, but it isn’t anything too serious. School started back last week without a hitch, and we are busily running around for basketball season. As part of our Christmas we spent an evening at Carowinds. This is a dream-come-true for me! I’m a huge fan of all things Peanuts. 
We are back in full swing with Heart of Dakota. The girls are not all on the same unit numbers, but they are all near the beginning of each of our guides. It has been a while since we found ourselves in relatively the same place. 
Rose is working through Missions to Modern Marvels. We are also completing some high school course work and charting out what high school will look like. British Literature was a bold choice for her first high school course, but she’s excelling. She really enjoyed Shakespeare and is currently reading Paradise Lost. I’m excited she’ll be getting to some of my favorite authors soon. 

Beth is excitedly diving into Resurrection to Reformation. She’s super excited to be in this guide and while Creation to Christ proved to be a stretching year, she’s very comfortable now with the idea of independent work. I often find her already working hard when I come down for the day. 
Grace is eagerly devouring Preparing Hearts. She too is embracing independence and loves our use of the Master Books history spine, The World’s Story. She’s in 4th grade, and this is a middle school text, but the reading level is perfect for her and the biblical perspective more in line with our world-view. It’s engaging and good for us to read together. We do not use all of the extras which go along with it. 
In between school at home the girls have their Wednesday science class, church activities, and basketball. Clogging starts up next month and Beth is especially excited for that! My husband and I are contemplating trying it out as well. We’ll see…
Christmas in Florida was warm and sunny. We enjoyed an unusual December snowfall her in the south a couple of weeks before we left, so the warmth and sunshine was a nice reprieve. The girls especially had a wonderful time with their cousins. 

I’ve started using a planner this year, The Christian Planner. I have found that using this has significantly increased my productivity and decreased my stress level. I’ll be posting on Instagram about how I’m doing as well as using Motivated Moms printable chore list. I like the app, but since that is in a restructuring phase I’m finding the printable lists to be immensely helpful. 

So there you have a very long overdue update. I’ll be back to weekly updates at the end of this week! 

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