Week in Review: January 21-25

I’m a pretty strict homeschooler. We have plans and we stick to them. Learning happens. Curriculum is finished. 
Sometimes, when I know the week is going to be turned upside down ahead of time, I intentionally change my plans. This helps me handle it all without feeling guilty that we didn’t check all my planned boxes! This was one of those weeks. We had a youth group trip planned early in the week and A LOT of basketball happening, so we changed things up a little with our learning. 

The one and only lunar eclipse shot I got that wasn’t blurry because I was shivering so badly! The plan was to use a tripod, but it was COLD that night I couldn’t imagine staying out more than the few minutes I did.(I have a couple of autoimmune oddities that keep me from managing cold well.) I went to bed early, set my alarm, got up the two daughters who wanted to see it live, and bundled up before heading outside to our driveway. It was really amazing! 

We had a great time snow tubing in the NC mountains with our youth group!

My Beth absolutely LOVES pandas. She’s the one who looks the most giddy in the photo below. We found out a local museum was showing this fantastic documentary and I knew we needed to make time to see it before they moved on to something new! It was so much fun! I’m not a huge fan of the 3D aspect, but it wasn’t too overwhelming. 

Right now it feels kind of like our lives revolve around basketball. I have two gals playing and a husband assistant coaching. It is making for a SUPER busy January, but it is incredible for both of them. Rose plays with a homeschool league and Grace is having a blast with Upwards. 

We also played this really fun game my in-laws got us for Christmas! It’s called Trekking the National Parks and we all love it! 

Learning can take all shapes and sizes. There are a lot of memes making fun of how homeschoolers go to the museum and call it science or play a game and call it math. The thing is, it’s a great way to learn and provides memorable experiences which often turn into more learning opportunities and inspiration. We learned unconventionally this week, and it was fantastic! 

Next week…back to routine! 

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