Week in Review: March 18-22

Spring has arrived…more or less…in the South! There is a ton of pollen running rampant at the moment. I use a variety of things to help (various medications and essential oils), but I still have to limit my time outside or I have a major reaction. My girls were sweet enough to work for me in our raised beds at the end of the week! I was pleasantly surprised to find my herb garden has revived after what felt like incessant rain over the winter. 

Rose (8th grade) – Missions to Modern Marvels Unit 11
Rose is always studious and has learned to be even more so this fall and spring with a more competitive basketball team. Now that basketball is over, she’s continuing to keep this mindset and gets done with work very quickly. She’s become an avid reader in her time off from school.

Algebra is going incredibly well. I just want to encourage anyone who is struggling in any area of school alongside their children, just be steady. Speed doesn’t matter. I’ve always felt that way, but actually seeing the results of this mindset has been a blessing! 


Beth (6th grade) – Resurrection to Reformation Unit 13
Beth has settled well into this guide. CTC was a little challenging as she transitioned to more independent work. Now it is a piece of cake. Transition is always hard, but it is worth the struggle! She particularly is growing in her artistic skills while using Draw and Write through History in her notebook pages. 
Beth is also doing really well with Pre-Algebra. I wasn’t intending for her to move into this math yet, but we thought we should give it a try, and she was clearly ready. She’s also becoming a fan of logic puzzles which is a great tool for increasing thoughtful problem solving! 

Grace (3rd) – Preparing Hearts for His Glory Unit 14

Grace has become increasingly independent in her schoolwork. I wasn’t expecting this at 3rd grade, but she’s excelling. She is definitely on the young-end for grade with this guide, but age-wise she is right in the center at 9. She has an October birthday, so we placed her at grade-level as she would be in a traditional school, but in reality she is working a full grade-level above this without any trouble.

She is still using Math Mammoth, but we have switched from the longer lessons from the light-blue series to the yellow series. My husband or I give the instruction and she completes 1 page a day. This has been much better for her because she doesn’t need quite as much practice as is given in the light blue series. Math was lasting a good 45 minutes a day for her and she had no trouble with the concepts. It just took that long for her to get through all the pages because it was spread out and she felt a little overwhelmed by it I think. She almost always has perfect math papers each day! 

Friday Learning
Each Friday the girls choose something to work on that is learning related. They have full freedom to choose anything as long as it involves engaging their minds. They are required to spend about an hour on this. They love this freedom. Here are today’s choices:

Beth – Logic Puzzles
Rose – Coding and Logic Puzzles 
Grace – Doctor Academy

So that was our week. Things are different this year for me as they become more and more independent. It’s good, but an adjustment for certain from the early days. I was always led to believe that these years would be harder for schooling. The reality is they infinitely easier as I never could have imagined. 

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