Week in Review: March 25-29 (Off Routine)

My kids asked me when our spring break was going to be. I told them I hadn’t really planned one because we typically school for 6 weeks and then take a break. They were super sweet and didn’t ask again, but then I began to wonder if maybe we weren’t due for a break. So I checked the calendar only to realize we had not take a full break except for the week we all had the stomach bug, so I decided Monday morning last minute to hold off on the lesson plans and take a break! 

So this week was a last-minute decision and it was a lovely break. We had a chance to sneak away to Carowinds for an evening which was really fun! Besides that, we didn’t go anywhere else. The girls spent a lot of time outside as it is finally warming up and drying out a bit down south. I, on the other hand, had an allergy explosion! 

I did try a new thing: Hymnal Journaling

It’s kind of like Bible journaling trend, but in a hymnal. Look for a post soon about the book which is inspiring me! It’s a little odd to try at first, but I found it really fun and look forward to creating some more! 

My daughters were also feeling creative with lots of coloring, painting, and drawing. Here are some pieces my 13-year-old completed on slices of a tree trunk! 

They also worked on puzzles and played games…oh and watched TONS of basketball! Our team was knocked out today, but it’s been so fun watching all of the close games of the NCAA tournament! 

What was your week like? 

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