Weekly Review: May 13-17

We had school as usual this week, but I’ve just been so bad at pictures! That will definitely be a priority next year. For now just trust me, we are learning! 

This darling munchkin loves to cook! On this day she decided she wanted rainbow pancakes. So we obliged and she indulged! 

I’m in the middle of prepping for my piano recital next week. It’s always a big deal although I have fewer students this year. I decided last year I needed to step back from how many I was teaching. So I prayed about it and as several students dropped out, I simply did not add new ones from my waiting list in. I’m currently teaching 24 including my own girls instead of the 30 from last year. I also only teach 3 days a week so I can be more available for clogging and sporting events. It’s been a great fit! I’m also super excited about the theme for our recital this year…

Look out for the pictures next week! 

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