Week in Review: May 20-24

We did our regular schooling, had a recital, and then this weekend my girls spent a couple of nights with their grandparents. 

Here are some of the pictures from recital! 

What an amazing crew! 

I love that I get to teach my own daughters how to play the piano! 

Since my parents had the girls for a few days this weekend…that means date night for our anniversary!!! We had a great time and ate at Blaze Pizza. Then we grabbed Goodberry’s (our first experience) to top off the night! We did a little shopping and just had fun being together. 

In the busyness of school, church, and work it is so easy to neglect your spouse. Make an effort. They will notice and while the world says you shouldn’t have to, it’s an investment well worth it. What can I say, I’m a rebel. When the world tells me to do one thing, I will weigh it against Scripture and most likely do the opposite! 

That reminds me…. a year ago I was at a homeschool conference and saw this FANTASTIC shirt that had the Star Wars resistance logo on it with the phrase “Join the Resistance: Homeschool.” I sooooo wish I had gotten that! I’ve looked online and just can’t find it anywhere now.

Image result for resistance insignia

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