Week in Review: June 3-7

Summer finally feels officially here! Even if the pool is a little too cold for me to enjoy, the girls have been in several times with my husband.

I know this will make me sound crazy, but we rarely get to the library during the regular school year. I know…I know… a homeschooler who doesn’t frequent the library?!?! This is abnormal! We do check out books, but the convenience of putting books on hold which are simply ready for us as soon as we walk in makes it super easy. We also have a huge in-home library and rarely even need to venture out to get anything there. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the library, but our time is so full. That means on rare empty days, you might just find us there. 
For National Donut Day we made gluten free donuts in our NuWave convection oven using a gluten free blueberry muffin mix! 
Homemade glaze and sprinkles…yum! 

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